chores I don’t mind doing

Had a random conversation about chores… so I figured I’d write a post about the chores that I don’t mind doing…

Although it was great when my workplace had a uniform that didn’t require ironing, I actually don’t mind having to iron the new uniform (plus the updated uniform looks much better). I’ve talked to a few friends at work about this, and it seems I’m not alone in this. Others reckon ironing is good because it’s one of those chores of finality, and gives you that sense of achievement because it’s the last step in the whole laundry process.

Raking leaves
I like gardening in general (unless it’s super sunny and/or hot outside). Sure, I don’t do much gardening but I’m still allowed to like it. My parents aren’t that fussed about having the lawn clear of leaves, but if they wanted it done, I’d gladly put my hand up for the job. Possible reasons why I don’t mind this “chore”: I like being outdoors, it’s a task with moderate exertion, I like autumn.

Pruning/trimming trees
Similar reasons as for raking leaves (and maybe for ironing as well – in the sense that you can see the outcomes). If you’ve seen how out of control the trees in my backyard can get, you’d understand why this “chore” can be quite satisfying.

I don’t do nearly as much cooking as I’d like to, but when I do, it’s quite fun. Sometimes I’ll settle for just helping with chopping stuff up and other prep. Someone (perhaps Marco Pierre White on ‘Masterchef: The Professionals’) once said that cooking is therapeutic, which I suppose is right in a way.

Occasionally in Oncology, I’ll do the sweeping just to help out a bit more. The facility’s always clean, though, so it sometimes feels more like I’m just brushing the floor than actually sweeping anything… But I don’t mind sweeping, in general, whether it feels worthwhile or not. I don’t really like mopping, though. I’ve realised that I don’t really like any chores that involve a lot of water…


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