Thursday Doors: Footscray

Back to Melbourne for this instalment of Thursday Doors, specifically to the suburb of Footscray, in Melbourne’s westside.

I suppose you could say Footscray is a very culturally diverse part of Melbourne. If you walk through the main part of the suburb, you’ll find shops and restaurants selling food and wares from various Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries. I think there are probably as many signs in other languages as there are in English (perhaps more signs in non-English languages).  Continue reading


lessons from tomatoes

I’ve been thinking a lot about gardens lately. Somewhere in Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott uses gardening as a metaphor for life: you plant some things, you look after them, they grow, some of them die, you learn, and then you plant more (or other) things. Gardening is a good metaphor for life because gardens are full of life (hopefully).

A few months ago, a couple of friends of mine went on a road trip. They would be gone for about three weeks, so they needed someone to look after their cherry tomato plants. I seemed the most suitable/reliable candidate, so one week-end they brought two large pots, each with several little tomato plants, over to my place. The only instructions they left with me were to water them every day, and make sure they got lots of sunlight.  Continue reading

for those who count

My little townhouse is two storeys tall. It has a little staircase that spirals up on one side, and I go up and down these stairs many times a day.

When I catch the train to work, I have to go up a flight of stairs to reach the platform. And when I enter the building, I go up three flights of stairs to get to the floor my workplace is on.

If I drive to work, I try to park in one of the lower levels in the carpark so that I can go up more stairs to get to the walkway leading into the building (but also so that I drive less, as the carpark starts on ground level and goes upwards).  Continue reading

Thursday Doors: inner Brissie

For this instalment of Thursday Doors, I thought I’d share some miscellaneous doors from Brisbane’s inner city suburbs. And then next time I might revisit Melbourne or post some more doors from my friends’ holiday. I suppose this is like a TD version of homesickness – posting so many doors from other places makes me want to return to Brisbane doors.  Continue reading

shaping perception

One morning when I got out of bed and went to brush my teeth, a random memory resurfaced from the depths of my brain. As I stood in front of the mirror, I remembered a random quiz I took when I was younger – maybe in early adolescence or at some point in my teenage years.

It wasn’t anything academic – far from it, in fact. It was one of those personality quizzes that seemed so popular back in those days (perhaps because no one really knew who they were and hence grasped at anything that might tell them, or that might affirm what they hoped to be true)  Continue reading

obligatory Instagram post

I only joined Instagram in late April this year. I’d been avoiding it for so long because I was convinced it’d only be another distraction, another implement in the procrastinator’s toolbox. But I joined this year so that I could more easily “follow” my nephew.

The only other people I followed initially were friends of mine who exclusively used Instagram, and did not have Facebook accounts; friends who were on holidays at the time; and friends who happened to find me, so I followed them back.  Continue reading