Thursday Doors: a new neighbourhood

I recently got back from a trip to Melbourne to visit my sister, brother-in-law and their newborn baby. (And by “recently”, I mean, like, a month ago…) He is my first nephew 😀

Anyway, I was down there for about 2.5 weeks, and stayed at their house, so I helped out a bit with errands, etc. One of my jobs was taking the dog for walks/runs, and doing groceries. These tasks gave me a good chance to explore the neighbourhood a bit and scout out some blog-worthy doors. I have a decent collection, so I might spread them over a few posts. Here are a few to get started…  Continue reading


hi. bye.

I know I said that trying to do the post-a-day thing wouldn’t work because it would become like a chore and I’d run out of stuff to write about, but now this post-a-week thing is starting to become like a chore, too. But, I do think that having to write a daily logbook about placement is contributing to that.

It is seriously getting harder to think of stuff to write about.

But even while I’m writing this, I feel like I should be working on that competencies report thing. I sort of got distracted before with watching ‘Modern Family’ (great show, by the way), so I really have not gotten much done.

These blog entries are going to become like distress flares – intermittent signs of someone’s existence somewhere.

face it

Ok. I am here to sort of announce my official creation of a Facebook account.

I’ve had my reasons for not getting one (mostly that I don’t want to be stalked (I don’t think following this blog counts as stalking) and I don’t want to give myself more things to worry about/look after), but there have been reasons for getting an account (mostly to do with peer pressure and staying in the loop and related things).

In the end, I think I decided that it was easier to have it there to be neglected (if you won’t let me refuse to get a FB, then at least let me refuse to spend any significant amount of time on it) than to not have it but have people pestering me about it – the path of least resistance. That’s not to say that people were pestering me incessantly – I know you guys have a life – but now and then it would come up and I guess it’s slowly worn away my wall of excuses.

Metaphors aren’t exactly my forte.

I’m actually at uni today because I had to hand in some forms. I haven’t been in the BSL for ages. It still has that familiar smell, though. It’s not a strong smell or anything, but you notice it when you walk in. Well, I noticed it.


I have been coerced into moving my blog to WordPress. Well, more like “forced” because Spaces is closing down next year or something, but not really “forced” because I still had a choice. Not sure if this move is going to sort of discourage my blogging, though. I mean, it seems less convenient to use. I stuck with Spaces because I could access it from Hotmail and it was easy to use.

But don’t get me wrong, I still like writing stuff, and I’m not afraid of having to put in a little bit more effort into getting to my own blog, but … energy conservation is good. Isn’t that what people go on about now with all that global warming and whatnot?

Yeah, I don’t really know what I’m writing either. But, hey, I already have a comment, and it’s from “Mr WordPress”. It says I can delete it – basically asking to be deleted – but I reckon I want to keep it there. After all, it is technically my first comment at this new location. It’s sort of like keeping the first junk mail you receive at a new house, but that’s a bit more pointless.

It’s going to take a while to get used to this new site. Bear with me!

like glue

Ok, so it’s been a while since I wrote anything here, but I have been keeping myself fairly busy. Well, first thing was clearing out unwanted stuff. And then when I was sorting through things, I found this little decoupage container that I’d made in grade 7. Seeing that made me feel like doing more decoupage. For anyone who doesn’t know what decoupage is, it’s basically just gluing paper onto stuff. Ok, maybe that explanation doesn’t quite do justice to it. Well, it’s sort of like paper mache, I guess, and most people know what that is, yeah?

The one I made in grade 7 was from one of those circular plastic takeaway containers. I remember we did several layers of newspaper before going over it with wrapping paper. This time I thought I’d try decoupaging a cardboard box. It’s quite big, actually. Took about two weeks to finish. Of course, I wasn’t working on it non-stop for two weeks, but I worked on it for at least a few hours on most days in that fortnight.

I didn’t get to do quite as many layers of newspaper as I would have liked, but I guess that’s still ok. The box is still fine. And then I’d been wondering whether to go over the whole thing with wrapping paper or just some areas or stick shapes on it. In the end, I wanted to keep some of the newspaper visible (sort of more interesting that way), so I just cut out some shapes from wrapping paper and stuck them on. And then came the varnish. I was quite disappointed at not being able to get spray varnish, which would have made the varnishing part a whole lot easier, but it’s all done now.

Oh, I should mention (actually, I don’t know why I "should" mention, but I’m going to mention it, anyway) I had to make the lid myself because I used an old box with, like, flaps for a lid/cover, but I wanted to make it so that it was one of those boxes where you actually remove the lid. Yeah, that totally makes sense.

Well, after making the box, I decided to cut out some shapes from the left over cardboard and make little Christmas decorations (yes, I’m getting into the spirit of things…..). Put a ribbon through them, went over them with newspaper and then coloured paper. Pretty simple. I finished one of them in just one afternoon. I actually only made two of those. Sorry if it sort of sounded like I made a whole pile of them or something. Well, actually, I cut out and put together two cirlces for a bauble (the third Christmas decoration), but I didn’t get around to finishing that, and think I might abandon that one (for now at least).

Apart from all that decoupage, I have started knitting again. It took me a while to get the hang of it again, though. Mind you, I can’t do anything fancy. But it is a nice way to pass the time. And, no, knitting is not an old person thing. Ageing increases the risk of arthritis, and I think it’d be quite hard to knit with arthritis. I’m taking advantage of the relatively healthy state of my hands.

And in case you were wondering, there is no need to be concerned for my social life. I have been getting out of the house now and then. I’ve been out shopping, had lunch with people, had dinner with people, played tennis, went to Movie World, etc, etc.


I’ve gotten a fair bit done today. Ok, maybe not that much…

Little bits here and there. Not too intensive. This morning I cleaned up my desk a bit – chucked out random scrap pieces of paper that have been accumulating, and I put some notebooks away on the shelf thing.

Organising things so that they seem neat and, well, organised again. That didn’t exactly work out as intended, but it’s still tidier than before. I figure it’s good to get all that sorting and clearing out done earlier in the holidays so that I can just do whatever for the rest of the time.

‘Vanity Fair’ (William Thackeray): started reading this today but I didn’t get too far into it before I got distracted with clearing out junk from my desk.

Excuse me for not recounting things in chronological order. I was getting rid of some letters and things from banks and wherever, so I had to shred them up. Of course, we do not have a shredder, so I had to manually shred them.

Yes, we used to have one – long time ago, though – but then the blades got blunt or something. I don’t know. Anyway, point is, I got a bit of a headache from tearing up all that paper. Nothing a bit of food couldn’t help, though.

On top of organising papers, had to re-organise stuff on my laptop. I moved lecture notes, etc to my other hard drive. I also went through the folders, trying to find things to delete.

Usually I’m quite reluctant to delete uni-related files, but I tried to be a bit more ruthless this time. I ended up deleting 30-something items, which isn’t too bad. It actually feels quite nice to delete things and then empty the recycle bin.

Just this afternoon, I got back to playing those little mini games that have been terribly neglected during semester. Didn’t stick with that for too long, though, because I was playing just a bit before lunch, and then after lunch I didn’t really feel like playing anymore. I watched two episodes of ‘Family Guy’. Good cartoon, that is. I have it all on my laptop, but, in the spirit of deleting things, I deleted the ones I’ve watched already. My sister has them on one of her external hard drives, anyway.

Right now I have the ‘Family Guy’ theme song in my head. Sorry if that’s gotten it in your head too. Has anyone seen the ads for ‘The Cleveland Show’ yet? I just saw one just before when I went to have dinner. (For those who don’t know, Cleveland is a friend of the main dude from ‘Family Guy’.) Hmm… imagine if ‘The Simpsons’ had a spin-off show for the Flandersss.

These days I’ve noticed that my posts have sort of been getting shorter. And I’ve been thinking that maybe that’s a good thing – in terms of being easier for people to read and me not being bothered to write so much. Well, it’s not like I have that much to ramble on about, anyway. Theoretically, I could, but theory doesn’t always come into practice.