catching up

This last week at work has been so tiring. Have been super busy, plus did late/closing shifts Monday through to Thursday, so even though it was only a four-day work week, thanks to the Easter long week-end, it felt like it was closer to a six-day work week.

Oh, plus I have to work on Sunday… but at least it’s only half a day and I still get a two-day break before then. Still, going to be pissed off if it’s flat-out on Sunday.

I’ve been taking one of the mutlivitamins I got from the APP Trade Exhibition this week, but not sure if it’s really making a difference, since I ended up feeling really tired at the end of each day anyway.

First day of the Easter long week-end, and I’ve already over-indulged enough for the week… But at least I’ve kind of recovered from work-exhaustion and will hopefully have enough energy for guilt exercise tomorrow.

Catching up on sleep is good, too. I’ll go and do that.