About the blog

This blog used to be titled “Secret Garden” in honour of the song by Japanese artist Gackt, which was a song that I really liked when I first created this blog many years ago. However, as I’m nearing my 400th post, I thought it was time that I finally updated things a little bit, and replaced what was actually quite an irrelevant blog name with another, possibly more irrelevant blog name: “Pistachio conspiracy #63”. At least it ties in with the web address and, if nothing else, they’re just random words and numbers that I like.

By now you might be getting a slight feeling that this blog primarily comprises a lot of nonsensical ramblings about arbitrary topics. Well, yeah, that’s basically it (it’s clearly spelt out in the tagline). More recently, however, I find myself gravitating toward writing about books, food, and random observations and ponderings.

I’ve been posting at least once a week since January 2011, and hope to keep doing so for as long as possible. (Here “a week” means Monday to Sunday. This means that there may be more than a week between posts e.g. if I post on Monday of one week, and then wait until the Sunday of the following week to post again.) Unfortunately, I rarely include photos/pictures with posts, but most photos I share publicly will appear on my Twitter feed in the side bar, so I thought that was an ok compromise.

As with most bloggers (from what I gather, anyway), I do love receiving comments on my posts – even if they’re something along the lines of “wow, I completely disagree” (please at least exlain why) – but I write mostly for my own enjoyment, so feel free to just browse and look around (it still registers as “page views” anyway).

Happy reading!

Updated 16 Nov 2014

I was going to update this page, but I realised that not much has changed. The only real change is that the Twitter feed in the sidebar has been replaced with an Instagram feed.

Other than that, it’s still just random posts every week.

Updated 29 Jan 2021

Well, time has passed and things have changed. I no longer post every week, but every few weeks. Blogging is not something I’m thinking of stepping away from completely, but I just wanted a more relaxed blogging schedule with less commitment.

Updated 29 Aug 2021


13 thoughts on “About the blog

    • Pleasure’s all mine, I’m sure!

      HoB popped up on my Reader as a recommended blog. I clicked on the link out of curiosity, and soon found myself scrolling through one post after another!

  1. Hi. I picked you up from your reply to C&S y/day and they do it weekly too but there’s 2 of them so well done on your own.
    I have only read your latest inspired by the Malthouse and I am thinking in terms of tipping in the hosp industry some waiters (in France) pay the employer to get the position and the tips! In OZ some employers game the zero hour based contract opportunity on the basis the staff can get tips if they perform well.
    Keep up the good work and well done again
    Winston Moreton

    • Hi Winston! Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂 Sounds like a rather unusual arrangement the waiters have in France. Perhaps it’s in the differences in supply/demand for those jobs (?)

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