free stuff – enough said

So today I went to the APP trade exhibition. It was my first time going, but I’d heard plenty of stories about all the free stuff. However, I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high, since some people thought the give-aways were getting less and less good/generous. All I really wanted was a few pens and maybe some post-it notes that I could use at work.

Cutting to the chase… I was not disappointed. In total I got six pens (not bad I guess…?) – one of which I got by trading a mini battery-operated fan for it because I figured I’d never use the fan – and a bunch of post-it notes. Mission accomplished.

But, of course, I didn’t stop there. You can’t with these sorts of things. Among the other random free stuff I got were: sunscreen, a backpack (one thing off my “to buy” list), lip balm (another thing off the “to buy” list), several bottles of multivitamins, haven’t-even-bothered-to-count-how-many protein/weight-loss bars, a toothbrush, influenza vaccine (administered on site), stress-apple (like a stress-ball, but in the shape of an apple), and an actual apple, which I am enjoying now.

Also consumed plenty of samples while there, so we didn’t really have lunch. Good to know all those protein bars and weight loss products really do keep you full / prevent you from feeling hungry (although I think eating so many different food replacement things in a short space of time kind of unsettled/confused my stomach). Also interesting to note is that Swisse Chlorophyll tastes exactly like Vietnamese mint.

Aside from all this free stuff, I did actually learn a bit about the products and services and whatnot. But I suppose that still counts as “free stuff” since all the information was free… There were also free cookies and coffee 🙂

The drive on the way back was terrible, though. Apart from the slow traffic out of the Gold Coast, it was pouring rain most of the time – most (?) of which was bucketing down perpendicular to the windshield so that it was impossible for the windscreen wipers to keep up – and I think it hailed for a little bit at one point. Not to mention the constant lightning (although not much thunder to follow). Probably the worst weather conditions I’ve seen whilst in a car.