My watch ran out of battery on Saturday and I kind of couldn’t be bothered going to get the battery replaced on Sunday, so I went to work without a watch today. I sort of thought it wouldn’t be such a big deal, since there are clocks all over the place at work. Well, not really all over the place, but there are plenty of computers, which all have clocks, and there are a couple of clocks hanging on the walls.

It was still pretty weird, though. Firstly, purposely going to work – going anywhere (other than running/cycling etc) without a watch is something that I’m pretty sure I’ve never done before (or maybe I have, but very, very rarely). Secondly, commuting to work without a watch is very strange. I never realised how much I check the time on my way to work. I just like to keep track of where I am and how much time I’ve got, ok?

It was even weird going on my tea and lunch breaks without a watch because I wasn’t really sure what time I went for a break and when I needed to go back. Yeah, there’s a clock in the tea room/kitchen but it hasn’t had a good record of being on time and/or in sync with the other clocks in the pharmacy.

I wonder how many times I check the time through the course of a normal day… I’m thinking that this is the sort of pointless yet curious thing that someone, somewhere has done a study on and found the average to be unbelieveably high. But I’m not going to waste my time trying to count how many times I check the time in a day. Does it really matter?

It’s not like my mind was more free or anything from not having a watch to look at. And it’s not like glancing at one’s watch now and then takes up that much time in one’s day (although I will admit to occasionally staring at my watch for a few seconds to make sure it’s still ticking – particularly when it’s a bit earlier than I expected).

I know some people who never wear watches anywhere, and that’s fine if they’re fine with it, but I don’t think I could become one of those people – not completely, anyway. The only time I absolutely never wear a watch is when I’m at home. We just have clocks everywhere, so there’s no need. Besides, I don’t really look at the time at home except to know when to eat, when to go to bed, and when to go to work.

Well, anyway, the good news is that my watch battery is now replaced and my watch is ticking happily again and life can go back to normal.

on ya bike

Today’s a public holiday (Anzac Day for those of you not from/in Australia – according to WordPress, my blog gets quite a few international visitors…), so yesterday kind of felt like a Friday and today felt like the week-end, so it feels like tomorrow’s Monday… except that it’s actually Friday tomorrow, and then there’s the real week-end after that. It’s just a really bizarre feeling.

So today I went for another 20+ kilometre bike ride. This time down to southside. I never realised the bikeway extended so far… And then I just had a look on Google Maps, and realised that the bikeway actually goes further than where I’d gotten up to (you just have to go through a few intersections or something to get to where it continues on).

I haven’t been cycling for over a week, so it was good to get back on my bike. However, since my long walk/run last week-end, cycling doesn’t seem as… good… Not sure how to put it exactly…

I already mentioned in a previous post about how running/jogging requires effort 100% of the time, whereas cycling allows you to just cruise along now and then, so it’s not quite as satisfying. But today, as I was taking a break from peddling while my bike merrily sped down a gentle downward slope that seemed to go on forever, it struck me that it was kind of like cheating – I was covering so much distance using only the effort required to sit upright and hold the handlebars.

I suppose what this means is that the distance covered or the time taken is not a true reflection of energy expenditure or effort. To be fair, though, I had to cycle up every slope that I cruised down on my way back home. (That was another revelation that struck me while momentum and gravity helped accelerate me along the bikeway: “Hmm.. this is nice.. Oh wait, I’m going to have to cycle back up this way later when I’m more tired than I am now. Damn.”)

It wasn’t so bad, though. I cycled around my local-ish area a bit when I got back because I wasn’t that tired, and the trip hadn’t taken as long as I thought it might have, even though I ended up going further than I’d originally planned.

The main reason I ended up choosing a bike ride rather than a run today was because I have work tomorrow, and I figured bike riding would leave me less sore and tired the next day. Seems like I made a good choice, if my current state is anything to go by. I’m saving the running for the week-end.

monkey-ing around

Ok, so I kind of thought that maybe a two-sentence post might not really cut it as a proper post for my post-per-week thing, so I’m writing another post…

Fortunately, I came across this rather interesting post on the very appropriately named site iwastesomuchtime.com

It’s a great site for wasting time, but you can also find funny and interesting things there. It’s also very useful for when you’re bored and/or have a few minutes spare that you need to get rid of.

I’m kind of hoping that that hyperlink will work forever, but in case it doesn’t, I’m going to quickly summarise the monkey experiment: Basically, you put five monkeys in a cage with a ladder and you hang a banana at the top of the ladder. When a monkey goes up the ladder and gets the banana, you spray the other four monkeys with cold water. Eventually the monkeys learn that it’s bad for another monkey to climb the ladder to get the banana, so if anyone attempts it, they attack them.

Next, you replace one of the monkeys with a new one. When the new monkey goes to climb the ladder to get the banana, the other monkeys attack it. The new monkey doesn’t know why, but it learns that this is just how things work in the cage. Replace another monkey, and the first new monkey joins in the attacking of the second one. Then you replace the original monkeys one by one until all five monkeys are new. These monkeys weren’t ever sprayed with cold water, but they attack any monkey who attempts to climb the ladder because that’s what they’ve learnt to do.

So, yeah, it’s pretty interesting in how it teaches people to not keep doing something just because “that’s how it’s always been done”. There was a line at the end making a comment about the Marine Corps, but I don’t really know what’s going on there, so I’m not going to comment on it. Besides, it’s a good general lesson, anyway.

I’m not really keen on (unnecessary/sudden) change, but I like knowing there’s a purpose/reason behind something. I think a friend or someone once wrote this quote-type thing along the lines of “I am good, but I can be better. I’ll work hard to become better. And if I become the best, I’ll keep working hard because I’ll know that I can still be better.” Something like that. Anyway, that’s kind of resonated with me, since I’ve graduated and passed my internship and seem to have reached the top of the mountain, so to speak.

But this isn’t the end of the road. I know that there are always improvements that can be made – for myself, my workplace, the people I work with, for my home and relationships. It just takes a bit of courage to help put some changes in motion.

guilt trip

A couple of weeks ago or so, I was reading a mini-interview thing in ‘Q-weekend’, which features a different celebrity each week and asks the same set of questions. This kind of gave me an idea for possible future blog posts (have to find inspiration where I can in order to keep up this one-post-per-week thing) where I could write an extended answer to each of the questions.

This idea seemed ok, but I kept forgetting about it when and/or having other stuff to write about. But one of the questions is about guilty pleasures, so I was reminded of it by a recent episode of ‘Glee’ (I think it’s airing on Channel Ten this Tuesday) that’s themed “guilty pleasures”. Ironically, ‘Glee’ is probably one of my guilty pleasures (or maybe not, since I don’t really feel guilty about it).

Based on previous posts, you’d probably say that watching cartoons is a guilty pleasure of mine, too. But, again, not so much guilt attached. Ok, maybe a little.

Following up on last week’s post, I have now finished season two of ‘Detentionaire’. A satisfactory ending, but now I have to wait for the next season to be released (or made? I don’t really know where this is up to). Kind of intrigued to know how things will play out after the little twist at the very end of the last episode…

Sorry, I realise that if you haven’t watched it, this might be kind of boring/irrelevant. But I’d totally recommend it to … people who like cartoons (?)

My real guilty pleasure is probably chocolate and sweets and cake and stuff like that. Definitely some degree of guilt attached, but so irresistible sometimes! But sometimes I have pretty good self-control. Well, you know what they say… life is short, you only live once, etc etc

knock knock

I’ve recently (ok, maybe not that recently but, like, since this year or maybe late last year), really gotten into a cartoon called ‘Detentionaire’. I remember seeing the ads on TV when ABC3 first started showing it, and thinking that it was such a strange idea. It’s one of those storylines that have to end sooner or later.

For those of you who have never seen or even heard of the show, it’s basically about this guy who got framed for the biggest high school prank ever, and then he got put in detention for a year (for something he didn’t do). So, right from the start, you kind of know that one day he’s going to figure out who framed him – it’s just a matter of time, right?

I can’t really watch TV regularly these days because of work and stuff, so I never really followed it properly. However, I did watch a few episodes here and there, mostly on week-end mornings, and I thought it was actually alright – the characters, the animation, the plot development. It’s actually kind of original (based on my scope of cartoons). So then I started watching it online, since trying to watch it on TV meant that I never knew exactly where the story was up to.

Supposedly (i.e. I read somewhere) there’s supposed to be something like 53 episodes altogether, but I’m only up to episode twenty-something, which means many more hours of viewing pleasure before the truth comes out (assuming there is going to be a resolution at the end of all this).

I know some people like to download all episodes of a show and then watch it all marathon-style over a few days (or less, depending on the level of dedication), but I can’t really do that. I’m more like one of those people who prefer to watch just one episode (or two) at a time, so you have time to mull over everything before watching the next one. It’s the same with books and movies and stuff like that.

Anyway, I’d recommend ‘Detentionaire’ if you’re looking for an action-ish/drama-ish cartoon. It’s got some funny moments, too. I think ‘Detentionaire’ is actually Canadian (the main character, Lee Ping is supposed to be Korean-Canadian or something), which reaffirms my belief that Canadians are really good at producing cartoons (cartoons like ‘Stoked’ and ‘Total Drama’ are also Canadian). Kudos to you, Canadian cartoon producers!