ride vs run

The strange thing that I’ve noticed since I got a bike and started bike riding more is that I’ve started to crave running.

Actually, I’m always itching to go for a run, but for some reason, cycling around and seeing all these people out running seems to accentuate that desire to go running too.

I mean, I really like my new bike and I really like bike riding, but I suppose because I’ve been so focussed on it lately, I haven’t been running in a long time (or feels like a long time, anyway). And then seeing other people running reminds me of how awesome it feels to go for a massive long run and push yourself until you’re so incredibly exhausted that you don’t know how you’re going to get out of bed the next day.

Ok, to be fair, you can do that with cycling (or just about any other sport, too, I guess) but there’s something about running where it’s all you. You can’t just cruise along/downhill and let gravity and momentum do all the work – every metre you progress is entirely from your own efforts.

Also, since I’m probably a long way off learning to ride with no hands, posture is different, too. I think I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that I reckon running kind of forces me to have good posture, and it’s kind of … empowering in a way. Actually, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere once upon a time that posture influences mood i.e. standing straight/tall helps people feel confident and not depressed.

Well, since I’m not working this week-end, perhaps I can find time to go for a ride and a run… Just have to be careful to leave some energy and muscle capacity for work on Monday.

Since I’m filing this post under the “Sport” category, I thought I may as well mention that I went to see the Broncos vs Manly game at Suncorp Stadium last Friday night. Yes, it was a very disappointing start to the season, especially because the Broncos were leading at half-time and then made so many errors in the second half and completely gave the game away, but it was a fun night overall.


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