While waiting for the train from work the other day, I noticed something rather peculiar. To get to the the train platform, you have to walk down a concrete ramp thing. I was bored waiting for the train (which was late!), so I looked up at the underside of this ramp (which I happened to be standing under).

To my amazement, there was a plant growing out of it! Not just a tiny little weed that had just sprouted, but a plant at least half a metre long with green leaves all along it. And it was growing out of the concrete, with roots hanging down, and stem hugging the underside of the ramp, trying to grow upwards.

The more I looked at it, the more amazing it seemed because it’d hardly get any sunlight at all, and not much rain or nutrients (considering it’s not in contact with soil) – but it’s still alive and has probably been there for quite some time!

The leaves were all pointed downwards, presumably to catch more sunlight. The plant stem itself has also started growing downwards in order to get past the ramp-support-thing that’s sort of walling it in (no idea if that description makes sense to anyone but me…)

I did take a photo of it (might upload another day – phone is currently charging, so cannot connect to computer), and I think I’ll check up on it’s progress from time to time, too. There’s no doubt it’s a survivor, but I just hope maintenance workers don’t come along and pluck it out.

Reminds me of that bit of grass that was growing smack-bang in the middle of the footpath through the park. Pity it’s no longer there coz the path got redone (they made it wider, which is a very welcome change).


2 thoughts on “whirlwind

  1. It sounds amazing but you’re thinking too idealistically here 😛 Must be practical! It should be pulled out otherwise it will probably destroy the structure of the ramp over time and erode its integrity (and safety)!

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