reality – check

And so ends another chapter…

Final results were released today. I passed everything, which means I’m officially finished with my first university degree. In terms of grades, I did ok. I’m happy that I passed but, you know, could’ve done better (maybe).

But you know what I am chuffed about? I am chuffed about having a genuine reason for using the word “chuffed” and about being one step closer to becoming a registered pharmacist. It’s really sinking in now that I know I’m going to graduate and… I got my pharmacists’ coat~ (Yes, that is a big deal. I feel twice as professional with it (NB: uniform minus coat is already quite professional-looking). Plus, I get more pockets.)

So now I just have to wait for registration to be confirmed – then I’ll officially be an intern. At the moment, I’m in pre-pre-reg limbo.

But, I have to admit, I am a little wary about things getting harder from here on in. It’s sort of like I’m walking down a street, expecting something to jump out from every corner.

Whatever. I’ll get there when I get there.

Oh, and since I’m graduating, this could very well be the last post that gets filed under the “uni” category. That’s not really that revolutionary or anything, but I thought I’d mention it.

If these last four years were a person, I’d want to give ’em a big hug

One thought on “reality – check

  1. Haha you were really fond of those last four years aren’t you!
    Is a pharmacist’s coat the same as a lab coat?
    And you never know, if you start working as a uni teacher/start studying other things/go to uni reunions… then this wouldn’t be your last uni-related post!

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