like fireworks

I just realised I never wrote a post about the Pharm Ball back in September. I am supposing that was because I didn’t want to ruin it with words and lengthy descriptions (either that or I was too tired for several days afterwards and then couldn’t be bothered).

The Graduation Dinner was on the Friday just passed. Between Pharm Ball and Grad Dinner, I’m not really sure which night was better. Maybe Grad Dinner…? But then it has recency bias in its favour.

Well, it doesn’t really matter, anyway. Both nights were a blast. The perfect way to round off four years of hard work.

Grad Dinner sort of reminded me of Grade 12 Formal – except this time the venue was smaller (probably half the number of people) and it was less formal (only semi-formal/cocktail) and we had alcohol (unlimited and free, although technically we paid for it through our ticket price).

I think it was very fitting that the theme of this year’s Pharm Ball was “fireworks” because you only get fireworks at special events for special occasions and, although there were no actual fireworks on either night (not that anyone really cared/noticed), I think I’ll remember those nights as being very special, indeed.


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