twenty-eleven memories

Ok, I thought I’d do a proper recap of this last year (as opposed to my last entry which doesn’t really tell anyone anything). To make this task a bit easier, I thought I’d just list (in no particular order) 11 significant events of 2011. Not sure if anyone’s had this idea before (probably have) but I think I’ll try to use this for future pre-New-Year’s blog posts, too. That is, I’ll list 12 memories for 2012 and so on. Sort of gives incentive to make each year better than the last (but when the numbers get too big e.g. 2020 (if I’m still blogging then), I’ll probably go back to 10).

  1. Pharmacy Ball and Grad Dinner – Two awesome nights to celebrate four awesome years of Pharmacy. Had so much fun and was good to see everyone all dressed up!
  2. Graduation – Such a big milestone. Hardly need to explain why graduating is on this list.
  3. January floods – Not really a good memory as such, but living through that (although my area was pretty much unaffected) and seeing everyone pull together afterwards was really incredible. Hopefully this won’t be something that happens again any time soon.
  4. Last lectures and tutorials – This isn’t really about the classes being special or whatever. It’s more about my nerdy side and just liking the learning styles this year, particularly the kids’ medicines taste testing, experiencing what it’s like to have conditions like cerebral palsy, etc, and even just working through case studies.
  5. Melbourne trip – First time travelling interstate with friends rather than family. Had a blast. Waiting for the next trip.
  6. Hospital placement – Learnt a lot about what goes on in hospitals and what different team members do. Renewed my interest in hospital pharmacy (although will stick with community for now and the foreseeable future).
  7. Driving to the Sunshine Coast for the first time by myself – Had to do this for work. Longest drive I’ve ever done and the fastest I’ve ever driven. Was quite daunting but was good experience for someone who doesn’t drive much at all.
  8. Day out at Wellington Point – Such a laidback day/night. We should totally do this again some time (with or without the fishing).
  9. Starting full-time work and internship – Although I’m sad about having less free time and not being able to hang out with people as much, I do like having more money – I mean, I do like work and I’ve actually been able/allowed to expand my role/jobs (sterile compounding, quality release thing (still not sure of official title here), BPSH where I got to do ordering, etc).
  10. Staff Footy night and Christmas party – Two separate nights/events. Was good to see everyone in a more casual/laidback environment. Am lucky to work with some pretty awesome people!
  11. Getting reacquainted – Going to different universities, doing different degrees, etc has meant that I don’t see/talk to certain people as much as in high school, but I’ve tried to make a bit more of an effort to get people together or to attend stuff that other people organise, and I think I have had more of a chance to catch up with people compared to, for example, last year (or have I?). Will have to try harder next year, I guess.

where’s my rainbow

The other day when I was bored, I had a look back at some blog posts I wrote in Decembers and Januarys (or should that be “Januaries”?) of previous years to see if I wrote much about New Year’s. And, yes, it seems that I do have a tendency to write some sort of recap or something about the previous year and/or the year to come (as do a lot of people). This makes me feel obliged to write another similar post for this year. (Also realised that I had a tendency to ramble a lot – as in, a lot more than I do now.)

So, anyway, here I am again, near the end of another year…

I think too much happened this year for me to be able to summarise it in one post. Hence it’s good that I stuck to that post-per-week thing. I’ll try to stick with it for another year, but am sort of expecting/fearing that full-time work and assessments, etc will kill off my social life and turn me into a zombie. (Yeah, ok, maybe just a little melodramatic there.)

Getting back on topic now – I think this year has been good overall. I mean, there have been bad/negative points, but that sort of stuff is normal. I have come to realise and accept that.

You know, I think I was more “open” in older posts. I reckon it’s because I know more people now (from uni, work, etc), and I’m not exactly sure who actually reads my blog (have been surprised a few times by the people who mention that they’ve read my blog), so I’ve become a bit more cautious and wary of what I disclose here. Not sure if it makes much of a difference, but whatever.

So, in short: Will continue to document document-able parts of my life here at least once a week. Will try to not make every post about pharmacy-related stuff. Do not want to be a zombie.

twelve hours

Started work at 7:30am today. Did sterile compounding the entire day (except my one hour lunch break). Clocked off at 7:30pm. Left work at about 7:50pm (stayed for a bit to eat and rest and talk to fellow late shift pharmacy people, although I know some people who wouldn’t call 8pm “late”).

Spent more than 12 hours indoors, in the pharmacy. Even had lunch at the back of the pharmacy (because it was Christmas lunch when everyone brought food). Pretty much only ever left the pharmacy in those 12+ hours to go to the toilet. Did not see sunlight except in the morning commute to work. Did not even know it had been raining (or for how long) until I left work.

Of those 12+ hours, I’d say about 10 hours were spent in the sterile compounding room. You’d think I’d be sick of it but, no, not sick of it yet. Today was actually my very first day doing sterile compounding by myself without someone else in the room to check that I’m doing things correctly, and of whom I can ask questions such as “does that look alright..?”, so it was actually quite exciting.

I would write about things other than work, but I just realised that, for the last five days, I haven’t been anywhere other than work, home and the supermarket. But that’s ok. The festive season is upon us – time for more parties!

a night in

So good to have a night at home after so many nights out. It’s not that I don’t like going out, but staying out late on so many consecutive nights is really tiring.

Am going to have to sleep earlier and earlier. Aiming for 10:30pm, but not sure if that’s going to happen…

Was so good to just sit back and relax and watch ‘The Project’, ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Rules of Engagement’ (seriously good TV viewing).

Found out today that I’m rostered to work 9am-1pm on New Year’s Day. Also working on Boxing Day. Looks like there’ll be no late night parties for me any time soon


Had a good day at work today. Actually, had a pretty good week so far. Feels like I am making the transition from pharmacy student to pharmacist, not just floating somewhere in between. Feel inspired to work harder and learn more (and this is even before I’ve had my graduation ceremony and listened to cliched speeches about the future and being awesome.)

It was really quite busy today, though. Just waves of customers, one phone call after another, a seemingly endless list of jobs… But I liked that. That’s the sort of stuff that makes me excited about going to work every day.

Have been having dreams relating to work, too. Feels good when my dreams are factually correct. For example, I once had a dream where I had to counsel someone about Colofac (mebeverine), and I was telling them to take it with food or immediately before food. Tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a dream about Clexane (enoxaparin), seeing as so many people had prescriptions for it today.

Going to keep this post short because all this fun and excitement makes me tired and sleepy, such that I’ve had to move my bedtime forward a bit.

Irish charm

Finished reading ‘This Charming Man’ (Marian Keyes) today. As promised in a previous post, I’m dedicating a post to it.

It’s a pretty incredible book. Really liked the character development and story progression and all that sort of stuff. I’ve never read a novel quite like it. Don’t think I’ve ever read one set in Ireland and/or about Irish people, so I learnt quite a few Irish terms/phrases, which I’m supposing to be Irish because I’ve never heard them from Australian/American books/TV, etc.

Cannot remember them all, but a few that popped up a fair few times include: fizzog (face – deduced meaning from context), culchie (rural person – had to Google this), jingle (money) and… yeah, too many to remember. Point is, it’s very interesting lingo they use over there.

Anyway, back to the book… It actually explores a lot of different issues/themes (or at least touches on them) – heartbreak, alcoholism, smoking, cross-dressing, domestic violence, etc. Very insightful and perceptive and well articulated. But that’s not to say it’s a really serious book. No, it is very funny and very witty. But not a book for the faint-hearted.

The way it’s written is sort of like ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ (Jodi Picoult) in the sense that it alternates between different characters’ perspectives, but it’s not so much different perspectives on the same events, but different stories that intertwine. My favourite character/story was Lola (although it took me a while to get used to the writing style used in her chapters). Very original sort of story.

I wish I could freely recommend ‘This Charming Man’ to everyone, but I know it’s not something that everyone would enjoy (it’s quite explicit and confronting at times – probably should have an MA15+ rating). It’s a really incredible book, though. Very glad that I bought it (and am willing to lend to anyone (that I actually know) who wants to read it!)