Thursday Doors – Launceston

I’ve been following the blog Joeyfully Stated for quite some time now. I don’t remember how I found it, but when I did, hitting the “follow” button was kind of a no-brainer because Joey is just really funny and really honest, and I suppose there’s something weirdly fascinating about the life of a stranger on the other side of the world.

Joey also participates in this blogging feature/event called Thursday Doors, which is hosted/run by Norm 2.0. From what I gather, Thursday Doors is exactly what it sounds like: every Thursday, people publish posts/photos about interesting doors. Yes, it’s apparently that simple.

Now, I’ll admit that, amongst all the other posts from Joeyfully Stated and everything else that comes up on my WP Reader, I was never overly interested in this Thursday Doors thing. I mean, now and then, I’d have a quick skim through (e.g. if the featured photo caught my eye), but if I’m pressed for time and/or there are too many other posts to read, I might just scroll past those posts. I suppose I didn’t really appreciate Thursday Doors in its entirety.

BUT when I was on holidays recently, for some reason, I randomly thought about this Thursday Doors feature, and I started really trying to notice and appreciate different doors that I saw in my travels. I guess all this might’ve come about because we visited a lot of different relatives in Melbourne, and we basically had to drive everywhere, and driving around Melbourne takes a very long time sometimes. Consequently, I just ended up spending a lot of time sitting in the back of the car, staring out the window…

On the car trip that I started this door-spotting (I think I can call it a “doorscursion”…?), I remember having this realisation that I’d never really paid attention to the doors of houses or buildings before. Being a passenger in a car, I like to observe my surroundings, but I realised that there’s a lot that I’ve always been missing. It’s incredible what you can discover when you’re looking purposefully.

What I found, however, was a tad disappointing: the majority (or what seemed like the majority) of external house doors in Melbourne were either covered by a fly-screen/mesh door, or not visible from the street (because of positioning or because of tall fences or other obstruction). But, no matter, I was determined to keep looking.


I think this door belonged to a business/firm. Plenty of bright doors like this around Launceston.

When I arrived in Launceston, I kind of struck gold – there were amazing doors everywhere. Well, I’m not sure about “everywhere” but there were a lot of interesting doors easily viewable from the street. I suppose it helps that Launceston is very “historical” (if that makes sense). The only problem now was that I felt a bit awkward standing outside a stranger’s house, taking photos of their front door… Is there some sort of etiquette to this?

Well, anyway, I took a few quick photos, and contented myself with that.


Pretty sure there were people inside… Wonder if they saw me…

There were also several public buildings with interesting doors, but they were usually thrown wide open or there were people in the way, so no photos of those (this time…) but I did take more notice of them than I would have otherwise.

And another thing that’s great about Thursday Doors is that you sort of get to explore places all over the world from a unique perspective because, you know, it’s not all about nice photos of good-looking doors – often there is some accompanying narrative, or photos of other architecturally interesting buildings/structures. At times it’s just like being on a tour.

So, really, after all this, I’d just like to say thank-you to Joey and Norm for opening me up to the (surprisingly) fascinating world of doors. I can’t say for sure if I’ll ever actively participate in Thursday Doors again, but seeing these posts come up on my Reader has certainly given me a new appreciation of finer details.

(To be fair, Melbourne did have plenty of beautiful doors and buildings, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to try to take photos of them from a moving car (and didn’t think that my uncle would appreciate being asked to pull over every so often so that I could take photos). Also, the reaction time required was beyond me, in my relaxed vacation mode. Launceston photos were easier because I pretty much walked everywhere.)


I know this photo appeared in an earlier post, but I just felt like it belonged in this one too. These terrace houses are in Launceston, but can be found all over the place in Melbourne too.


21 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Launceston

  1. Welcome to Thursday Doors and thank you so much for the shout-out 😀
    Joey is a hoot isn’t she?
    You’re right about one thing, this little door community we have here is about so much more than just the doors. I have been marveling at the variety of posts we get and the imagination of all of our creative contributors.
    I love the railings on the balconies on that last shot, and that red door, yes that must be a company that takes pride in its image.
    Please know that you’re welcome to pop in a join us anytime you’d like. The more the merrier – cheers!

  2. Ah but once you start noticing doors, you’re hooked… wherever you go, you see doors – good and bad, fancy and simple, large and small… Welcome to the club! 🙂

  3. Since coming to Thurs. Doors, I am amazed that there are so many red doors! The blog theme brings a smile to my face, because I love pistachios.
    A comment about your tweet (am not a tweeter) – stunning view and Tasmania would be the end of the world for me!

    • Aww thanks for the lovely comments 🙂
      I chose “pistachios” because I like the nut, but also just think it’s a fun word to say.
      You should definitely visit Tasmania if you get a chance!

  4. What a fun idea! I like the blue ironwork(?) in the upper lefthand corner of the second pic. My dad and grandfather were ironworkers and used to make such pretty things.

    • I reckon I’ve developed an appreciation of ironwork after browsing the posts of other Thursday Doors participants. There’s some really impressive craftsmanship out there!

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  7. Hi Pistachio,
    You could’ve picked a simpler name for us Australians who struggle to spell anything more than a syllable and goes the same with pronunciation as well. I’m from Sydney but my husband is from Scottsdale in NE Tasmania and we went back for three weeks last January to show the kids where Daddy’s from and we had such a great time.
    After joining in with Thursday Doors, I went through all my Tassie photos in search of door photos and so far have just focused on Tazmazia. There’s so much material there. I might never leave.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Rowena!
      But I like long words! 😉
      Sounds like an excellent holiday, and a lovely trip down memory lane for your husband. Any chance you’d consider moving there? If I ever had to move interstate, Tassie would certainly be right at the top of the list

      • We are considering moving down there, or at least buying an escape pad down there once the kids have left school. That’s not so much from a schooling point of view, but my daughter is seriously into dance and we have a fantastic local dance school. One of her teachers Karina Russell will be playing Veruca Salt in the upcoming musical: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Our son is into sailing. We’ve lived in the same house now for 18 years and are very settled. Might sound boring but it means we’re part of the community and have our fingers in many pies. That’s important to us.
        Speaking of long words, you might like this one: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia…a phobia of long words.
        Hope you’re having a great weekend. Wet and miserable here. Back in my jumper!
        Best wishes,

        • Doesn’t sound boring at all! Really being part of a community is wonderful, and there are more important things than finding idyllic surroundings to settle down in. I grew up in Brissie, and I tell people it’s a great place to live because everywhere else seems amazing in comparison (Brisbane’s not such a bad place though)
          Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Hopefully some blue skies tomorrow!

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