Tokyo – part 2a (back to Shinjuku)

I can’t believe it’s already been about five months since my friend and I went to Japan, and I’m barely even halfway through blogging about it. But I’ve come, at last, to one of the highlights of the trip (I probably have too many “highlights” from the trip, but who’s counting and/or enforcing a limit? If you are – stop it. That was a rhetorical question anyway.)

Ok, so after I started writing this, and got a few paragraphs in, I realised I was doing that thing again whereby I write this long preamble, and don’t quite get to the point. So, originally, I was planning to skim over the events of February 9th, and get onto our visit to Mt Fuji (which was the aforementioned highlight), but looks like that’s not gonna happen in this post. Even if you’ve enjoyed reading about my Japan trip so far, feel free to skip this one, and wait for the Mt Fuji post (hopefully coming up very soon). Continue reading

Japan itinerary overview

Life has kind of been non-stop these last few days since I got back from Japan. And by “life” I mostly mean “work”. I keep thinking it’d be better if my department manager hadn’t gone on holidays straight after mine (which means I now have to do the things she’d usually do), but it’d probably be reasonably hectic regardless.

I miss being on holidays…

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Thursday Doors – Launceston

I’ve been following the blog Joeyfully Stated for quite some time now. I don’t remember how I found it, but when I did, hitting the “follow” button was kind of a no-brainer because Joey is just really funny and really honest, and I suppose there’s something weirdly fascinating about the life of a stranger on the other side of the world.

Joey also participates in this blogging feature/event called Thursday Doors, which is hosted/run by Norm 2.0. From what I gather, Thursday Doors is exactly what it sounds like: every Thursday, people publish posts/photos about interesting doors. Yes, it’s apparently that simple.

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eating my way through Launceston

So now it’s been three weeks since I first set foot in Launceston, and here I am still trying to get through writing about everything I want to write about my visit… Life has been busy, but perhaps it’s also a good reflection on my holiday if I’m still in the process of drifting down from it.

One of the things I was weirdly excited about when I returned home was being able to eat Weet-Bix for breakfast again. I mean, I could have eaten Weet-Bix during my holiday – it would’ve been as simple as walking to a shop and buying some – but there was so much other food; and even when I was just staying at my uncle and aunty’s place, they always had toast for brekkie, so I went along with that to save them the inconvenience of keeping cereal they don’t eat.

That was actually a bit of an unexpected/unplanned tangent. Maybe that was coz of the conversation I had with my assistant/student on Saturday about how she was looking forward to eating Weet-Bix the next morning after finishing the 40-Hour Famine… Well, either way, I can’t remember what I was going to write originally, except that it was supposed to lead into this post about food I ate on my holiday… I guess that’ll do.

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For the last week and a half, I have been away from home. I travelled down to Melbourne near the end of July, spent a few days in Launceston in early August, and returned to Melbourne for a few more days before coming home today. And now I feel like there’s so much I want to write about!

And not just about my travels and the places I went to – if anything, that’s the least of what I want to write about (well, maybe except for the Launceston part of my trip – it was my first time there, and it is an amazing place!) The trouble, as it is in these sorts of situations, is where to start…

So this post is sort of just a prelude or some sort of introduction to the posts that will follow. Just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed my holidays immensely, and although I’ve only been gone for less than two weeks, it feels like I’ve been away for two months. And yet, coming home, it also feels like I never left.

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precious days

Just over a week of holidays left. How sad. Still so much to do, and so much nothing-ness to fit in, too. If I’m counting correctly, I’ve only stayed at home for the entire day four times so far these holidays. Of course, sometimes I "go out" and don’t really do anything at all, but, as has been defined by others, if you set foot outside the house, then you’re "going out".

(If you want to be pedantic about semantics, you would say that stepping outside your house and into your backyard would then count as "going out" when, of course, realistically, it hardly qualifies. But, because it is holidays, and we should not look so far into these sort of things, we are going to ignore that. Please do not get pedantic about semantics here. I have not the time to debate trivial matters.)

I have watched six movies in three weeks of holidays. I’d say that’s quite above my average, but I’m not sure what my average is exactly, so I won’t make unsupported claims here. Don’t know if I want to single out a favourite of the six, but I suppose ‘Ice Age 3’ was pretty funny. ‘The Proposal’ was also quite funny, and quite sweet, too.

Yes, I did watch ‘Hannah Montana’. And, no, it was not unbearable or lame or whatever. But I did see some parallels between the movie and the episode of ‘Hannah Montana’ this morning. I would discuss further, but I highly doubt that anyone reading this has watched both, so it would hardly be worth my time. (Yes, time is so precious now.)

The other three I’ve watched are (in chronological order): ‘Year One’, ‘Bruno’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’. I would expect that enough people have seen those and talked about it to not require me to give further comment here. Yes, I am being quite lazy by not bothering to include more of my opinion and whatever, but I’m tired, and it’s good that I’m even bothering to write anything at all. Not that I don’t like blogging, but I just keep thinking of all this other stuff I could be doing now (sleep included).

I had actually intended to type up some of my notes from last semester. And I am glad to say that I have actually typed up some notes. However, it does fall a bit short of the amount I had aimed to accomplish. But, no matter. There is still time, and there is still intention to type up more notes.

Of course, because I’ve been "going out" so much these holidays, I’ve been eating out a lot, too. And, as that essentially means that meals are my own responsibility, they have been rather inconsistent and sugar-biased. (I’m not totally sure it’s correct to use "biased" in that context, but it just seemed to fit, and I can’t think of a better word at the moment.)

I’ve had so much sugar. It doesn’t help that sugar, in all its many forms and guises, is so tempting – ice-cream, cupcakes, milkshakes, waffles, cakes, tarts, pies, coffee, chocolate, biscuits, cereal, pastries, donuts – the list goes on and on. Of course, my salt and oil and whatever else intake can’t have been so great either. But how can one refuse something that’s just asking to be eaten? I’ve been eating at places I’ve never eaten at before, though – broadening my culinary experiences.

I’m too tired to write more now. Sleep deprived even in the holidays. Now, that is not quite right. But it is not completely wrong either. There is simply too much to do. A little sleep can be sacrificed here and there.