fun (x3)

Things that I learnt on Friday night:

  • Laser tag is still as much fun as it was five or so years ago (and always a great workout if you’re really gung-ho about it and run around like a crazy person)
  • Karaoke is more fun now than I remember it ever being (big groups (but not too big) and willing participation are key)
  • Bowling is still fun even if no one in your lane is coordinated (or sober) enough to be much good at it

Things I probably already knew, but were reinforced on Friday night:

  • My inner child is well and truly still alive
  • I work with some wickedly fun people
  • Good vibes from a good night last well beyond the next day

Injuries I’m pretty sure I sustained from laser tag:

  • Graze on right elbow
  • Bruise on left knee
  • Cut on bottom lip

(And I was still laughing the whole time)