great, there goes my long weekend…

I finally have a proper long week-end when I’m not rostered for work at all, and I have to spend two thirds of it at home because of crazy weather… (or technically, more than two thirds, since I wasn’t out the entire Saturday)

Well, I guess it was alright. It’s good to have some time to rest and recover and whatever. And I suppose it’s been a reasonably productive week-end, anyway – caught up with friends I hadn’t seen for weeks/months (?), submitted the Gold Questionnaire and hence finished my CPD requirements for the year (until October), watched several episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’ (into the 3rd season now), cleaned up some stuff around the house…

You know, even though the 2011 floods were only two years ago, I don’t remember too much from it except all the News coverage and the fact that it was sunny and kind of normal around my neighbourhood for most of it. Actually, I just had a quick skim through my posts from January 2011 – hadn’t realised I’d written quite so many entries about it – but I suppose it’s good that I did, since I remember more now.

Anyway, from what I gather from the all the TV stories about the floods this year, it seems not quite as bad as 2011, since we’re kind of more prepared for it. But things seemed pretty intense yesterday with incessant rain and ridiculously strong winds. A few of our banana trees have been bent in half. Not actually snapped or torn from the ground or anything, but bent so that it looks like they’re bowing or trying to touch their toes/roots.

I went for a bit of a walk around the neighbourhood this afternoon since it hasn’t really rained much today. There were a lot of branches and whatnot around roads and footpaths. A few fallen or semi-fallen trees here and there. Seemed alright, though.

Apparently tomorrow is “back to work as usual”, which I’m not that disappointed about, since I’d probably go slowly insane if I had to stay within the confines of my house for three days straight. It’s kind of weird because when I was younger it wouldn’t have bothered me so much (not that I remember, anyway), but now I just get mentally and/or physically restless.

It was kind of interesting, though, when I went for my walk this afternoon, and saw a lot of other people just out for a walk or run. It was like life was more or less back to normal, whereas I don’t recall seeing anyone on the streets yesterday. A few cars, yes, but certainly no pedestrians. Well, I did venture out around the yard and across the street in the torrential rain yesterday, but I quickly thought better of it and went back inside to watch TV.

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