so this is it

Well, I suppose I should probably do some sort of end-of-year wrap-up of sorts, seeing as there are only two more days left in the year. The main problem is where to begin. I was thinking I could just recap my favourite things from this year… so let’s just go with that for now.

Book: ‘The Name of the Wind’ – Patrick Rothfuss
Considering that I didn’t read that many books in 2012, there wasn’t much competition for this title. Regardless, this book was definitely a quality read. (NB: I might have chosen APF22 as my “best book of 2012” since it is so much better than the last edition, but I only counted fiction books that I read from start to end.)

Song: ‘We are Young’ – Fun. ft Janelle Monae
This was actually really hard to pick but I think with everything considered, this song deserves the spot. Very close runner ups include (but are not limited to) ‘Some Nights’ (Fun.), ‘Titanium’ (David Guetta ft Sia), ‘Lego House’ (Ed Sheeran), ‘Count on me’ (Bruno Mars) and ‘Call me maybe’ (Carly Rae Jepsen)

TV show: ‘YooHoo & Friends’ – ABC3
It’s a totally random concept, but I think it works. And I guess I should give an honourable mention to ‘Breaking Bad’ which I only started watching this year, but has turned out to be quite a good show.

Ok, can’t be bothered thinking of more things/categories. Was thinking about naming a favourite movie for 2012, but can’t really remember all the movies I’ve seen this year… ‘Looper’ was pretty good, though. And I quite liked ‘Ruby Sparks’ and ‘The perks of being a wallflower’.

In terms of highlights for this year, I definitely have to include passing my intern exams and becoming a registered pharmacist. But, surprisingly, despite it sometimes feeling a bit neglected, I don’t think my social life has suffered that much. So, I guess, all round, it’s been a pretty good year. Still, we’ll have to make 2013 even better.

doomsday anticlimax

Surprise, surprise – the world didn’t end yesterday like it was supposedly supposed to. I heard on the News that a lot of people were actually fully prepared for it, too (e.g. some people congregated at some place of some sort of significance to wait for aliens to take them away… I wonder at what point they realised nothing was going to happen and started leaving). Must be disappointing for them.

Prior to Friday I also heard that people were putting bets on how the world would end – ice age, zombies, etc. Yeah, it seems like people will bet on anything these days, but that has to be one of the most pointless things to bet on. I mean, if the world ends, even if you were right, you won’t be able to spend your winnings anyway. And then if the world doesn’t end (which it didn’t!) then you’ve just lost your money.

In other, unrelated news, that psychotic crow is still swooping at people from the tree outside my house. On the plus side, at least I know it doesn’t just have it in for me because it’s attacking other people as well.

holy crow

I think I got swooped by a crow this morning. Actually, I’m pretty sure I got swooped by a crow this morning – several times.

Well, it never actually made contact, but it kept circling around and cawing loudly and flying close to me.

I have no idea what its problem was, but it seemed to really want me to get out of that area, which, by the way, is pretty much only across the road from my house so, really, I should have been the territorial one. It’s just too bad that I was on my way to work and hence didn’t have time to put that crow back in its place. (Darn crow…)

But maybe that crow was just extra irritable because it was so ridiculously hot today (and I bet those black feathers absorb heat like a … heat sponge…?)

in charge

Had my first shift/day as a solo pharmacist today. I think everything went ok… Good thing it’s not quite as busy on Sundays.

I got to work about half an hour early this morning to make sure I could get everything off to a good start. But, thanks to Murphy’s Law, there were some technical difficulties (some problem with the POS program and not being able to connect to some database or something), which took an hour to resolve…

And that first hour was probably the busiest, too. Got a phone call from some guy asking about how to adjust the height of the crutches he hired ….. (and there were three people waiting for scripts at the time)

But things quietened down after that. Relatively uneventful.

I made the mistake of letting a customer in at about a minute before closing. I actually had to let her into the building, too because the external doors had already locked. But she was limping and I guess she really needed crutches, so it’s probably a good thing she made it just in time. It only took ten minutes anyway.

Don’t think that I forgot to do anything… But I guess I’ll find out tomorrow…

words of wisdom

I’m going to dedicate this post to everyone I’ve ever worked with at TWP & associated pharmacies as a small token of thanks for all the help and support they’ve given me over the last three years. Just wanted to share some of the wisdom that I’ve gained from them as a reminder to myself of how I got where I am and how I can keep moving onward and upward.

  • Don’t be afraid to keep asking questions (provided that you’ve already done what you can to solve them yourself). It’s always better to ask and find out than not ask and keep wondering / give false information.
  • Remember your processes. Do things methodically and in a consistent way and you won’t make mistakes with dispensing, etc.
  • Don’t rush. You want to provide efficient service but nothing is more important than patient safety and wellbeing (and not making errors).
  • Look out for your team mates. Try to have awareness of what’s going on in the pharmacy at all times so you can help people out when they need it.
  • There’s always something to do. You should do what you can when you can to make things easier down the track (for yourself and others) – unexpected things will pop up all the time.
  • Everyone’s human, including you. Don’t beat yourself up over a mistake. Learn from it, think about how to prevent it happening again, and move on.


Guess who’s officially now a registered pharmacist!?

If you guessed me, then you are correct! If you didn’t guess me, then… seriously?

Ok, time to go and revise everything I’ve forgotten since my exam. So much more responsibility now…