What a start to the year… I think I might still be sort of recovering from the sleep deprivation from Monday night / Tuesday… Totally cannot get grasp how I wasn’t hungry at all the whole time (and most others didn’t seem hungry at all)even though I’d only eaten a burger and had some juice. Also really weird how I could be relatively alert and not sleepy, but once we got on the highway, I didn’t stand a chance (good thing I wasn’t one of the people driving…)

Ok, details, details… Went to The Spit down at the Gold Coast for sunrise (which we kind of missed by a few minutes but it was cloudy along the horizon so it didn’t really count anyway) and hung around on the beach for most of the morning.

Staying up practically all night, or even just getting to the beach at 4:30am, made the whole day seem really long. Seriously, when we headed off the beach at 10:30-ish (if I’m remembering correctly, which I might not be), it felt like it was at least early/mid afternoon rather than just mid-morning.

But it was heaps of fun, despite the tiredness and weird concept of time and unusual absence of hunger. I don’t think I went to any beaches in all of 2012, so it was pretty good being on the beach on the first day of 2013.

When we were driving back to Brisbane (at least I think it was on the way back…) ‘Summer Paradise’ (Simple Plan) came on (friend’s playlist, presumably shuffled). I’ve had it stuck in my head all day today, and possibly part of yesterday too. It seems like quite a fitting song for the occasion. It’s an awesome song either way.