pedestrian drag racing

Sometimes, if I’m bored while walking somewhere, I’ll secretly race other pedestrians without their knowledge (or at least I don’t think they realise I’m trying to race them). These races are usually only short distances because I don’t know where they’re going so at some point we stop walking in the same direction, and/or because I decide on a certain checkpoint in anticipation of our parting of ways.

To make this sport more interesting, I’ve decided to call it “pedestrian drag racing” (or perhaps I should call it “silent pedestrian drag racing” since the opponent usually doesn’t know they’re the opponent).

I especially like SPDR (yes, I’ve decided to abbreviate it – it might be more catchy that way) involving stairs. I most often do this when going down the stairs from the train platform after work, since there’s always at least one opponent. However, my favourite place for SPDR on stairs is at work, where I’ll race the people catching the elevator. My most memorable achievement was going down three flights of stairs and coming back up three flights (I was just delivering something) before my unsuspecting competitors had even managed to get in the elevator.