wandering nights

I am so sleep deprived. Depending on how you look at it, the fact that it is holidays can make that either very weird or very expected. Weird in the sense that because it’s holidays, I should be able to sleep all I want to. But then expected in the sense that because it’s holidays, and there’s just so much to do, there simply isn’t enough time for sleep. Sleep is very important, though. I keep telling myself and everyone else that. I should reprioritise everything such that I have more time dedicated to sleep.

Today is only the fifth day since my last exam, but have already done so much. Am so tired already. Have already had two nights of very minimal sleep (as in, like, a few hours max). Really need to do nothing for most of the rest of these holidays. Of course, by "nothing" I really mean sleep. But then it would seem such a waste to spend so much time sleeping when I could be awake and doing stuff. I think I’d much rather be awake doing exactly nothing than asleep and not really doing anything.

I actually just got home a while ago. Don’t know why I’m writing this instead of sleeping. Probably because I have something against sleeping during the day. I could just as easily stay awake and wait until after dinner to go to sleep. That works, too. After all, I’m not that tired, really. My eyes just feel like they’d rather be closed than open right now. I’m still totally awake.

Well, ok, maybe not as awake as I could be. I just nodded off for a while there. Ok, fine. I’m going to take a nap. This would make this entry sort of pointless because it’s just four small paragraphs about how sleep deprived I am so far in these holidays.

Actually, no, I don’t think I’ll take that nap. I’m starting to feel more awake already. I have food now. I know I could cut out all this back and forth mind changing and get more to the point, but I think it nicely reflects my alleged recently-developed tendency to ramble on and on, and just keep talking. Supposedly, I talk more now.

I think I just talk more when I’m sleep deprived and going slightly insane. That’s why I reckon I’d be a happy, talkative drunk. When you’re sleep deprived, mental capacity is supposed to be equivalent to being drunk. Of course, the talkativeness also depends on circumstance and who I’m with. We do not need to find out exactly how accurate my prediction about my possible drunken demeanour will be, though. I’m fine with not knowing, and fine with no one else knowing.

To be honest, I think the real point of this entry is just so that I have more than one entry published for the month of June 2009. Not that this is just here to take up space, and waste your time because there’s nothing important in this entry. I didn’t tell you to read this, anyway. I take no responsibility for whatever loss you experience from reading this – whether it be time, interest, wakefulness or otherwise. You might say it’s a bit late to be putting the disclaimer seven paragraphs in, but that’s just too bad.

Seems I’m feeling quite awake now, actually. Possibly a combination of food and talking to people on msn that’s keeping me awake right now. Just writing this before wasn’t doing much for my wakefulness. I like writing though. It’s totally fun. Maybe that’s another point of this entry – to allow myself to write stuff, and also so I have more than one entry for June ’09.

Seriously, though, it doesn’t seem like this is going anywhere. Just doesn’t feel like there’s anything in particular that needs to be noted down here or reported via this medium. Last night / this morning was fun, though. Hardly any sleep at all. Not quite thoroughly exhausted, but will probably need the rest of the week to recover fully. Yes, I’m not giving more than vague details here. But I suppose I shall express thanks to Tim for letting us crash at his place. He’s a good chap. (I don’t know why I used those words in particular. They just sort of came to me, and I typed them out, and now there they are.)

Time to go off and do normal, mindless holidays-type activities. Too much stimulation and exhaustion lately. Need to do something more nothing-orientated. Proofreading is so tiresome, but of course everything in this entry makes sense. If it doesn’t make sense, maybe you just need to be in a more sleep deprived state to understand it.

2 thoughts on “wandering nights

  1. haha…. yesh, I agree with knight. Hm, lol, I don\’t like it when I\’m sleep deprived (I\’ve had too much experience of it.. when I don\’t really need to). What happens is there\’s this really really weird uncomfortable feeling that stays there for the entire day… until I finally collapse on the bed. I feel much much better the next day. 🙂

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