winter is coming

It was quite warm on the week-end. Not uncomfortably so (not really anyway) but quite warm. Monday was ok, but then yesterday it suddenly got really cold. I think it was the first time this year that I actually thought “yes, winter is coming!”

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned in previous posts that winter is, in fact, my most favourite season of the year. Well, winter and autumn. Suffer through a Brisbane summer and you’ll understand why. Anyway, that’s why this change in weather has me quite excited. While other people are complaining about how cold it is, I’m just embracing it. It’s positively invigorating (although I will concede that it is anything but invigorating when you’ve just woken up and there’s no sunlight but you have to get up and go to work).

We did have a bit of a cold snap a week or two ago, but then it suddenly got warm again, so it was kind of a false alarm. It didn’t last very long either, and you could kind of tell that it was just a bit of a tease.

On to other matters, I also started watching Game of Thrones on the week-end. Yes, trust me to take three days to post about something that happened on the week-end. (I still haven’t gotten around to posting about “Wicked”, which I saw a month ago…) And, yes, by “started watching” I do mean season 1, episode 1.

A lot of people I know watch GOT, so I suppose it was kind of peer pressure, but I like to think that it wasn’t really peer pressure because I resisted for so long, and it was really my own choosing to watch it in the end (mostly). I generally don’t buy into hype, and prefer to wait for it to die down a bit before checking out a new book/movie/tv show/whatever. (It’s possibly why I haven’t seen a movie in the cinemas for over a year. Well, that and the fact that cinemas are expensive, and I’m usually too busy with work and other things anyway.)

So, with some new episodes of GOT released last week (or accidentally leaked, as I was informed), a colleague at work talked me into finally starting on GOT. I watched three episodes total and, actually, I think it was alright. A lot of people have told me previously that it’s just a whole lot of sex and violence, so I was kind of prepared for that. And I’ve been told that there are a lot of characters and different stories and people dying just as you’re starting to like them… But, apart from not being able to remember all of the characters’ names, I’m finding it not that hard to follow.

All in all, I suppose GOT has my tick of approval. But I’m not someone who can just sit in front of a TV or computer for a whole day (and night) and marathon a TV series, so I’m going to wait for the week-end or some other day to continue watching it. Well, that’s if I continue watching it. This won’t be intentional; it just seems like I’m also not very good at committing to watching complete series.

Well, either way, it kind of seems appropriate to start watching it now – what with our winer approaching, and their winter approaching (except that their winters can supposedly last for years – doesn’t that sound magnificent?)


Rove lives!

Ok, I have decided that this is post-worthy, and I am actually going to write a post about this…

There are a number of reasons why I haven’t been watching ‘The Project’ very much recently (mostly because my dad insists on watching ABC News or something, and also because I don’t always leave work on time) but this week I’ve made a point of trying to get home early enough to watch it (except tonight when I had to stay back and do the late shift because the person who was supposed to do it called in sick).

Anyway, all of that isn’t actually the post-worthy part. The post-worthy thing is that Rove has been co-hosting ‘The Project’ this week! But more than that, he’s co-hosting with Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar, so it’s like a ‘Rove Live’ reunion! ‘Rove Live’ was one of my most favourite TV shows through high school. I have fond memories of watching ‘Rove Live’, and trying to quickly do my homework in the ad breaks. And I’d watch right through to the end credits and maybe even catch a bit of ‘Ten Late News’ before bed.

It would be cool if Rove could stay on ‘The Project’ for longer…

It’s been kind of weird not having Charlie Pickering co-hosting anymore. I was lucky enough to catch his final show, the farewell episode (I’d heard about him leaving the show but forgot it was his last day until I actually turned the TV on that night – hence why I consider it “lucky”). I had considered writing a post about it back when he left, but I must have forgotten or decided that I did not have the time/energy to dedicate an entire post to him…

Well, I will say that he was perfect for the show and the show was perfect for him. It’s a real shame that he left because, although the other male co-hosts that have stood in for him when he was on holidays or whatever, and also since he left – although they’re funny and they’ve done a good job of co-hosting, it’s just not quite the same.

And then along comes Rove, and he doesn’t seem to have changed at all… But, not to say anything about his intellect, he just seems more suited to something more light-hearted. I’m probably just too used to thinking of him with respect to ‘Rove Live’. Charlie was good because he seemed to know everything about everything, but he was quick-witted and his jokes were always funny.

One final thought: Maybe, if Channel Ten run out of shows to re-run, they should do ‘Rove Live’ re-runs. I’d totally watch that. Also, ‘Talkin’ about your generation’ – what happened to that?

fact: there are still good shows on TV

I never expect there to be particularly good shows on during this time of the year because (1) it’s the ratings off-season and (2) the majority of shows/movies on TV are Christmas-related and cliched.

However, to my good fortune, I happened to be watching ABC2 the other night (can’t remember if I was channel surfing or it was already on for some other show) and I happened to watch a show called “Would I lie to you?”, which, I gather, is produced by the BBC. I don’t think the show itself is new but, damn, it is funny!

If you haven’t seen it before, you could probably just Youtube it and find out what it’s all about, but if you can’t be bothered (do it anyway!!), then I suppose I can just explain it. Basically, it’s a game show where people tell random anecdotes, etc and people in the opposing team have to figure out if it’s actually true or a lie. It’s a good show to watch if you’re after some good laughs.

As it happened, I liked “Would I lie to you?” so much that I kept the TV on ABC2. The next show, if I remember correctly, was “Life’s too short”, which might sound like a serious sort of show but is actually a funny documentary-type show about the life of Warwick Davis, who supposedly played something (Ewok?) in “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”. Some parts are very wrong (as in politically incorrect) but overall I found it quite funny.

And, finally, since ’tis the season, I’m going to share a Christmas show that I actually really liked. Well, it’s one of ABC’s “Xmas Quickies” and, as the name suggests, it’s only a short clip (less than seven minutes) but it’s probably the best Christmas documentary I’ve ever seen (to be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen that many, but that doesn’t matter).

It was created by the Van Vuuren Brothers and explores the existence of Santa. I could try to explain it more, but it’d just be easier (and funnier) if you just watched it. Merry Christmas.

knock knock

I’ve recently (ok, maybe not that recently but, like, since this year or maybe late last year), really gotten into a cartoon called ‘Detentionaire’. I remember seeing the ads on TV when ABC3 first started showing it, and thinking that it was such a strange idea. It’s one of those storylines that have to end sooner or later.

For those of you who have never seen or even heard of the show, it’s basically about this guy who got framed for the biggest high school prank ever, and then he got put in detention for a year (for something he didn’t do). So, right from the start, you kind of know that one day he’s going to figure out who framed him – it’s just a matter of time, right?

I can’t really watch TV regularly these days because of work and stuff, so I never really followed it properly. However, I did watch a few episodes here and there, mostly on week-end mornings, and I thought it was actually alright – the characters, the animation, the plot development. It’s actually kind of original (based on my scope of cartoons). So then I started watching it online, since trying to watch it on TV meant that I never knew exactly where the story was up to.

Supposedly (i.e. I read somewhere) there’s supposed to be something like 53 episodes altogether, but I’m only up to episode twenty-something, which means many more hours of viewing pleasure before the truth comes out (assuming there is going to be a resolution at the end of all this).

I know some people like to download all episodes of a show and then watch it all marathon-style over a few days (or less, depending on the level of dedication), but I can’t really do that. I’m more like one of those people who prefer to watch just one episode (or two) at a time, so you have time to mull over everything before watching the next one. It’s the same with books and movies and stuff like that.

Anyway, I’d recommend ‘Detentionaire’ if you’re looking for an action-ish/drama-ish cartoon. It’s got some funny moments, too. I think ‘Detentionaire’ is actually Canadian (the main character, Lee Ping is supposed to be Korean-Canadian or something), which reaffirms my belief that Canadians are really good at producing cartoons (cartoons like ‘Stoked’ and ‘Total Drama’ are also Canadian). Kudos to you, Canadian cartoon producers!

good times

Looks like I’m due for another blog post about now… Wish I had something more interesting to write about than work.

Actually, there is something else…

I recently saw this video on FB courtesy of a friend’s friend (isn’t social networking great?)

Amazingly, I remember watching each and every one of the shows featured in that video when I was a kid. It would almost seem like I’d spent my entire childhood watching TV (which I, in actual fact, did not, thank-you very much).

Good times, though… Good times…


Today has been seriously unproductive – to say the least. I think the business plan assignment has given me attention deficit disorder (never realised how weird the word “deficit” looks). The assignment is a group assignment and is broken up into sections. I’ve been allocated parts from three different sections, and in these, there are sub-sections.

What has been happening is that I try working on one sub-section until I get stuck or bored, and then I try working on another sub-section. So, really, I’ve just been jumping from one sub-section to another. Sometimes I don’t even wait until I’m stuck before switching. I’ll just suddenly think of something to write in the other section, and just ditch the one I was supposed to be working on.

It was really nice of the lecturer/tutor to give us a template to follow, but sometimes I still don’t know what I’m meant to be writing or how much I’m supposed to write. I wonder how much the rest of my group has done…..

Anyway, I’ve totally been wanting to write something about ‘Stoked’ for so long now. For those of you unfamiliar with ABC3 programming, ‘Stoked’ is a cartoon on said TV channel about these people who work at a beach resort. I haven’t liked a cartoon this much since ‘Storm Hawks’ (but I don’t think ‘Storm Hawks’ is airing anymore).

To be honest, though, I don’t know exactly when ‘Stoked’ is on. It would’ve been helpful for my shameless promotion of the show. I watch it because it happens to be on when I watch TV in the morning, and it was on when I ate lunch today at 1:45pm. Anyway, you can probably watch it online or something. It’s pretty funny.

Well… I guess I should really be getting back to work now… Unless something happens to prevent me from getting back to work…

Something….. Anything….. Any minute now…..

Oh, ok, I’ll just go …and have afternoon tea!