injury inventory

I seem to have developed a knack for injuring myself over the last week or so. Sure, I haven’t suffered any major/life-endangering injuries, but I am definitely not usually this unco and/or have this much bad luck…

This string of injuries started … last Wednesday or Thursday, when I went to deliver something to a doctor in an adjacent building, and the door sort of slammed on my finger because I was trying to stop it from swinging back too forcefully. Surprisingly, my finger recovered within a day from that one.

The next injury occurred on one of the following mornings when I managed to burn my finger on the toaster while trying to retrieve a pancake. Recovered quickly, but it did sting a bit afterwards.

I think I managed to remain injury-free over the weekend, but back at work yesterday I walked into the corner of a shelf and got a superficial graze on my leg. No bleeding or anything, but a definite pink/red mark left behind. Not sure if that still qualifies as a graze…?

Later that afternoon, I was trying to fix a stapler (always having stapler problems at work – missing staplers, running out of staples, staplers not stapling properly, etc, etc) and managed to stab my thumb with a staple. It was inevitable, really, but, luckily (and surprisingly), there was no blood drawn.

But today… today’s was probably the worst. I was retrieving a wheelchair from the storeroom, and I guess the front wheels caught on something and I tripped on the wheelchair or something and managed to graze a few fingers.

Well, I think that was all. I’ll try not to hurt or maim myself any more.