not broken

I think I’ve come to terms with this enough to blog about it. I mean, it happened last Thursday, and I was pretty ok by last Saturday, so I guess that didn’t take long. If anything, I feel like I’ve been itching to write about this; I just haven’t had time to sit down and go through it properly without a voice at the back of my mind telling me to go to bed already.

(Is it the common mentality of aspiring writers that every life event — good and bad — becomes potential material for a story? I think it’s the same for comedians.) Continue reading

no metaphorical rain today

Today has been unexpectedly very productive. This is probably an insignificant post in the grand scheme of things, but I don’t think I’ve had such a productive non-work day in so long, so in my books it’s worth recording. Didn’t plan on writing this post, though, so it’s kind of more stream-of-consciousness than usual.

Anyway, I didn’t get to bed until about 1am last night, so I didn’t bother setting an alarm, deciding that I should allow myself a sleep-in (it’s Sunday, after all). I woke up at some point in the morning to the sound of really heavy rain outside …and then I went back to sleep. Continue reading

hungry for more

Even after just four days of 8am starts at work this last week, it was so good to be able to sleep in this morning and wake up without an alarm. It felt like the best sleep in I’d had in a long time (even though I’m pretty sure I woke up around 5am and went back to sleep, and then only slept until about 8:30am before getting up).

Such good weather today. Good weather for doing just about anything…

Since I had the day free, I thought I’d better finish that online quiz I’d been meaning to do for almost a month now for my intern program. But what I really wanted to do was read, so I made a deal with myself that I’d read one chapter (maybe two chapters max.) and then get to work on that quiz.

I was maybe a couple of chapters away from the end of part two of ‘The Hunger Games’ (Suzanne Collins – not that I really need to tell anyone who’s the author, since it seems to be the hottest book around lately), so I thought I’d just finish that and leave part three for another day.

But then two chapters became three.. and then four… and I just could not bring myself to put it down. I just had to keep reading. I think it’s great when a novel can do that. Those are probably the best novels.

Needless to say, I ended up finishing the rest of the book in no time at all (or what felt like no time at all but was actually a couple of hours or so).

The basic premise of the story reminds me of ‘Battle Royale’, a Japanese movie where a bunch of teenagers get chucked on an island and have to kill each other. I watched it a long time ago, so don’t really remember many details but for some reason I remember it being both gory and funny (haha-funny, not weird-funny, although I guess the concept in itself is a little bit weird).

But I did enjoy reading ‘The Hunger Games’. To be honest, it’s not really the sort of book to do this, but it feels like it’s going to stick with me for a long time. Not for its violence and gore (ok, maybe a little bit for that) but really for the psychological and emotional aspects of it all. Definitely going to read the rest of the trilogy – right after I finish my online quizzes!