no metaphorical rain today

Today has been unexpectedly very productive. This is probably an insignificant post in the grand scheme of things, but I don’t think I’ve had such a productive non-work day in so long, so in my books it’s worth recording. Didn’t plan on writing this post, though, so it’s kind of more stream-of-consciousness than usual.

Anyway, I didn’t get to bed until about 1am last night, so I didn’t bother setting an alarm, deciding that I should allow myself a sleep-in (it’s Sunday, after all). I woke up at some point in the morning to the sound of really heavy rain outside …and then I went back to sleep. Continue reading


big shoes to fill

I really want to write about my run last night, but I need to post this first because it’s kind of the backstory. You can read all the boring details about my run next time (or not).

My workplace decided to enter a team into the Bridge to Brisbane fun run this year. For those unfamiliar with the race (i.e. you’re not from Brisbane or never lived in Brisbane over a winter), B2B gives you the option of doing a 5km and 10km course, which you can either run or walk. I’d been tossing up between the 5km and 10km options because I haven’t run 10km in a very, very long time, but I know I can do a pretty decent 5km run. The choice was then between protecting my pride, or taking on a challenge and pushing myself.

I’d like to say it was an easy choice, but I took at least a week and a lot of encouragement to commit to the 10km run. Well, there is actually a jogging option as well as running or walking, so I went with jogging. (What you choose isn’t overly important, it just allows the event organisers to get an idea of what time you might finish in, and hence allocate an appropriate starting time bracket.) Continue reading

’twas the month before Christmas

It’s not even December yet, and the major TV networks have started broadcasting Christmas-themed shows and movies. Well, to be fair, it probably starts – at least – by about this time every year. The shopping malls, etc all had their Christmas decorations up weeks ago, so I suppose TV isn’t really the first to the party anyway.

I only had a half-day at work yesterday, finishing up at midday. I stayed back to have lunch, and went down to the cafeteria to put up more posters for The Compliment Project. I was quite chuffed to see that, of the two I’d put up on Monday, one had had all the tags taken (or I assume so, anyway, since the poster itself was no longer there) and the other had most of the tags taken. There’s also been a good response at my pharmacy (I’d put one up in the staff tearoom) but the one I’m most pleased with is the one I put on my local community noticeboard:  Continue reading

retail torture

I’ve never really liked shopping. Well, unless I’ve got something in particular that I need to buy (like, really need to buy) or if I’m buying gifts for friends – in those cases I don’t really mind because there’s a solid purpose. Casual shopping and retail therapy does not tend to work for me.

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It seems that I’m making a habit of writing blog posts late at night when I should probably be in bed sleeping (or trying to sleep). But it’s ok tonight because I have the day off tomorrow (because I’m working on Sunday, and this is one of those nice weeks where HR lets the Sunday pharmacist take a week-day off).

Earlier today, thinking of tomorrow, I had this thought: tomorrow is completely mine. It was basically me reminding myself that I have an entire day to myself because pretty much everyone I know will be at work or otherwise preoccupied. It’s a strange feeling. It brings on a sort of nervous excitement, which is a weirdly wonderful feeling.

I’m not really doing anything exciting tomorrow though. I need to get a blood test done – a fasting blood test, which means I’m going to leave the house without having breakfast for the first time in …forever (?) Yeah, I dunno… Even when I meet up with friends to have breakfast “out” (which is incredibly rare), I still eat a bit before leaving the house.

I think I’ll also go shopping tomorrow, just for random things that I may or may not need, and have been putting off for a while. I’m not big on shopping usually. I don’t do well with window shopping, or the idea of wandering aimlessly around malls. I prefer shopping when I have a clear idea of what I want to buy. Now and then, however, I get this idea in my head that maybe if I just browse around, check out a few stores, I might find things to buy that I didn’t realise I wanted/needed. When this happens, it usually doesn’t take long before I’m completely disillusioned and realise what a terrible idea that was.

Well, I could just come straight home after breakfast tomorrow, but I feel like I’m in the kind of mindset where I need to be out amongst people. Not necessarily with anyone, but alone in a crowd is sufficient. I’m not sure if it’s related to the writing that I’ve been doing – this need to be amongst people so I can observe and contemplate the movements and mannerisms of others.

Either way, the weather’s supposed to be nice and mild tomorrow. I hope I can enjoy some sunshine. I’ll be thinking of the poor souls hard at work, counting down the hours until the week-end.

to buy or not to buy

In the last two weeks, I have been to the book store twice. Each time, I spent somewhere around an hour browsing and agonising over what book I should buy. I don’t really buy that many books (I know that’s completely subjective, but please take my word on that), but the first time was to use up reward points (including bonus anniversary points because I first signed up in the October of a previous year), and the second visit was to use a gift card. So, you see, they were completely necessary visits and acquisitions.

I always have a mental list of books that I would like to own, but I am also very conscious of the fact that I have very limited space to store all these books, and also very limited time in which to read all these books (I easily already own enough books to keep me occupied for over a year without needing to buy or borrow any books). As such, on each visit, I only purchased a single book. For those who are interested, the first was “Love in the Time of Cholera” (Marquez) and the second was “All the Light We Cannot See” (Doerr). I will be extremely surprised if I get around to even starting either of these before the end of the year, so please don’t hold your breath for a review/post on these.

There were plenty of other choices I considered (I could have gotten plenty more books with the gift card) but I forced myself to just select one each time. It was an agonising decision. At some point, however, I did have the thought that I must be pretty lucky if “what book to buy” is the hardest decision I am faced with today.

Apart from wanting to read the book, I also consider a number of other factors when deciding what book(s) to buy. Let’s see what sort of a list I can compile here…

  • Re-read value: If I buy a book, it should be something that I will want to re-read (whether I actually ever re-read it is an entirely different matter)
  • Share value: If I might not necessarily re-read it, I’d like to be able to recommend and lend it to friends, so, in making my decision, I also consider if it is a book that my book-loving friends would read.
  • Aesthetics: Yes, I can be a bit shallow when it comes to books. Of course, this criteria is less important than the first two. It applies more for books that have a number of different editions, and hence a number of different covers.
  • Library availability: If a book is always available at my usual library, I probably won’t bother buying my own copy. However, if a book is always available (or mostly available) but the book itself is really long, I will consider a purchase.
  • Friend libraries: Similar to above: If I know that a friend has a copy of a book I’d like to read, and I know they’re happy to lend it to me, I will not buy my own copy (the book would also have decreased “share value” since I wouldn’t really be able to share it with someone who already has a copy)
  • Text size: I don’t currently need glasses, but I feel like I’m going to need some pretty soon. Small text puts too much strain on my eyes, so I’d prefer larger text. However, I’d say this isn’t really an important criteria – more of a bonus than anything else.
  • Quotability: I may be more inclined to buy books that have gotten a lot of great reviews, or books that other people (maybe fellow bloggers) quote from a lot. Similarly, if I think that I may want to have a certain book on-hand in future so that I can extract quotes or just generally refer back to something, I am more likely to buy the book.
  • Potential sentimentality: I can be ridiculously sentimental sometimes, so I’m more inclined to buy a book if I reckon I will get attached to it (even if I never re-read it)

Well, ok, that list turned out a bit longer than I was expecting it to… But at least now it’s a bit clearer why I had to agonise over a book purchase for a whole hour. And there are probably even more criteria I could add to the list (but I won’t right now because it’s late (past midnight now) and I’m tired).

And, believe it or not, this wasn’t what I had originally planned to write this post about. This is actually a tangent. A tangential post. Hmm… maybe I can make that “a thing”… Anyway, I’m too tired to write the actual post now, so this tangential post will just have to do for the time being.