Thursday Doors: Kingscliff

At the start of the year, an old high school friend came to visit, so we went on a random road trip with a couple of other friends. There wasn’t really a plan – maybe just a rough idea of a couple of places we wanted to visit – but it all worked out well, and we went to some interesting places. It also meant I could tick off another item from my perpetually in-progress To Do List (i.e. go on an impromptu road trip)  Continue reading


on the road

For some reason, I have been unbelievably tired these last few days. Well, mostly just today and yesterday (Tuesday and Monday, respectively). I felt fine on Sunday, which was weird because I spent most of Saturday in a car going to/from Bundaberg…

That was probably the longest road trip I’ve ever been on, and I’m surprised that I wasn’t overly tired from the trip; I didn’t even yawn once throughout the whole thing (I was about to write “ordeal” but that has negative connotations, and it certainly wasn’t a bad trip). I suppose the trick to surviving long drives like that is to have good music and good company – both of which are conducive to good conversations, which in turn helps one stay awake and alert.

It was actually kind of a work-related trip, so we didn’t stay in Bundaberg for very long, but it was all worthwhile.

I kind of want to go on more road trips now. I have a certain curiosity about small towns. Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived in a big(-ish) city my whole life… I reckon it’d be cool to do a road trip around the country and just visit all these random small towns in the middles of nowheres, or perhaps, even, to just do a trip around the state.

Beaches, countryside; mountains, plains; forests, outback… I can’t say I have a huge preference of one over the other. It is incredible that we can have such varied landscapes within a reasonably small area of land.


Those who have been following my Twitter feed on the side there will have noticed that I’ve been away this week-end. I don’t take many week-end trips, but I’ve found, from the ones I have taken, that the best thing about these short trips is that you can get that same refreshed feeling that you’d get from a “proper” holiday without going away very long and without even using up any annual leave.

So this last week-end, I went to Byron Bay, with a brief stop-over in Tweed Heads.

Ok, I have to pause for a bit here. I’m trying to figure out how to write this post, but also trying to watch Master Chef (watching online because I missed it on TV), so I’m kind of distracted, and this isn’t really working. But I feel like I need to post this tonight because this is a short week because of the long week-end just gone and the likelihood of being away next week-end too, and it just feels like there’s too much to do in between (plus the possibility of not finishing work on time).

Yeah, ok, maybe over-dramatising a bit, but maybe I’m still on a bit of a high from the Byron trip (no, not that sort of high…)

Well, to summarise, and not kill it with details, the highlights of the trip for me were probably the walk over to the Cape Byron lighthouse and the “most easterly point of Australia”, spending time on the beach, and going fishing (even though it started pouring rain about half an hour in, so we couldn’t even hang around long enough to catch anything).

The food was good too (I don’t think that I can not mention food when writing about holidays). What I liked most was the emphasis on local produce, and the way that cafe/restaurant staff were so hospitable. In particular, I was quite impressed with Bayleaf, and I’m not surprised that they were packed on the morning we were there. It was also very clear that they had a lot of regular customers, too – and not just regulars who are remembered by their coffee order, but regulars that they have a chat with or know outside of the cafe (arguably not a difficult feat, considering the size of the town).

I was also impressed by the ubiquity of bicycles, and the lack (or complete absence) of road rage. Sounds like my sort of place.