up and down

I was going to include a graph in this post but it’s of rather ignominious appearance, which is to say that it is not very pleasant to look at because there are many sharp corners on account of the high variability of my sleep patterns occasioning the graph to take many turns up and down as it traverses along the x-axis.

(It should be noted here that I’m still making my way through the last several chapters of Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens, who is renowned for his lengthy sentences, and whom I greatly admire as an author, and so it is inevitable that after reading any of his books for any considerable length of time, I’m bound to incorporate elements of his style of writing in my own.) Continue reading

living smarter (?)

When it comes to technology, I’m a late adopter. My first smart phone was the iPhone 3 (second-hand from my aunty), and I had that for about five years before I replaced it. By that time, I think Apple had already released iPhone 6, and I really only upgraded because the screen was becoming less and less sensitive to touch.

As for other technology, I really only have my laptop (and the computer at my parents’ place). I’ve never owned an iPod, and I still listen to a normal radio (albeit one with a digital display). I don’t have a tablet device, fancy digital camera, e-reader, bluetooth speakers, or noise-cancelling headphones (although I have borrowed my sister’s headphones before — they’re great for long flights). And I certainly don’t have one of those smart home things (I don’t even know what they’re called). Continue reading