only three

I honestly did not think it was possible.

This is about one of those things you read on the internet – perhaps someone shared a link on Facebook; or you were browsing something else, and it was a “related article” – and you read it out of curiosity/intrigue … and it turns out to be so unbelievable that you question if any of it is real or even actually possible.

But this is not about gossip or rumours. This is not obscure trivia. And this is not some bizarre life-hack.

Well, actually, it could potentially be considered a life-hack in the sense that it has the potential to make life easier…

This is about a no-bake cookie recipe that I stumbled upon on Spoon University.

Yes, a cookie that does not require baking. I seriously did not believe it. I thought that maybe it wouldn’t hold together that well, or that it’d be messy to eat. I mean, I could see the potential, and thought there was a chance it’d work, but I also thought that there was no way a no-bake cookie could be anywhere near as good as a baked one.

So I gave the recipe a try, to test it out. The amount of faith I had in this can be gauged by the fact that I quartered the recipe, so that I’d have a much smaller batch in case it didn’t quite work.

I didn’t have chocolate chips to put in (shocking, I know. Why don’t I have choc chips at home?), so I just melted some chocolate and smeared it on top, but the other ratios were (approximately) as per the recipe, and I will say that I am impressed.

Well, I mean, it’s still not as good as an oven-baked cookie, but it held together well, it tasted good, and it’s arguably not unhealthy (I don’t know if I can call it “healthy” after all the chocolate I put on it, but considering it’s essentially just oats + banana + peanut butter, it can’t be that bad, right?)

The bonus, of course, was that it was so quick to prepare – there’s minimal washing up, and you don’t have to preheat your oven. Oh, but the best thing I got out of this is a recipe using over-ripe bananas that is not banana bread or muffins!