This feels like it’s been the longest week ever. Coming off a couple of short weeks, due to public holidays, and then having a normal Monday to Friday plus a full Saturday shift is not fun. My mind has been a day ahead all week.

The draggy-ness of this week is probably not helped by my less-than-ideal sleeping pattern this week.

I’d decided some time around New Year’s that I wanted to fix my sleeping habits/routine this year. Six hours a night is not sustainable. I’m sure I wrote about this in a post at some point last year…

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hi there, 2014

Ok, ok, I couldn’t resist – I’m going to do a New Year-related post.

I’m still not sure, however, if I want to do a reflective 2013 post. It sort of feels like too much happened in 2013 but not anything drastically life-changing. Well, there were events of significance and memorable moments but no one particular thing that stands out (or I might have already written about them somewhere)

Anyway, I actually wanted to write about new year resolutions because I know many people don’t make any new year resolutions because (1) they know they won’t keep them, (2) they think resolutions shouldn’t be limited to New Years, and/or (3) they’re happy with how their life is already. I, personally, can relate to these, but presently I am of the opinion that new year resolutions are a good thing (at least in principle).

A friend recently shared (via Facebook) an article about achieving goals. I found it quite interesting. It was written by a guy called James Clear and was about how it’s better to focus on systems/processes rather than actual goals. I reckon new year resolutions made with this in mind would be easier to keep, and so, reason #1 wouldn’t be a problem.

I do agree with reason #2, but I do, of course, have a counter-argument. If you think about it, how often, during the course of a year, do you really stop and reflect on your life and think about what you can do to improve it? And I don’t mean the occasional (or regular…?) case of over-indulging that prompts a bit of guilt exercise, fasting, detoxing or other similar activities.

Well, I, for one, don’t think that I do this seriously or often enough. Although blogging is a pretty good avenue for reflection… Ok, forget the counter-argument. If you’re going to stick with reason #2 for not making a new year resolution, then at least have a blog or something.

Seriously though, I reckon the lead up to New Year is a good prompt for people to take a moment to reflect and grow, especially since everyone else will inevitably be talking about resolutions.

As for reason #3, if you’re truly happy with your life being exactly how it is, then that’s great. But the only thing better than being happy is sharing happiness, and surely the capacity for sharing happiness is limitless, so #3 is still a poor excuse.

And now, the big question: what are my resolutions? My primary resolution is to drink more water. I actually started this a few weeks ago but I suppose it’s official or something now. Basically, whenever I go to drink some water, I drink a bit more than I usually would. It might seem overly simple, but I know I don’t usually drink a lot of water (and, no, I don’t tend to drink any other beverages, except milk with breakfast). Plus, I’m hoping that this resolution will have flow-on benefits.