in the middle

It feels like it has been a very, very long time since I last wrote anything here. The post from last week was actually scheduled the week before, so I suppose it’s technically been about two weeks since I actually wrote anything here; and it actually does feel really weird – almost like I’ve neglected a good friend.

But I’m still here.

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musical indulgence

So I spent a lot of time on YouTube last night, just watching one music video after another. Despite what it sounds like, it wasn’t one of those “I’m going to watch one video and then do something else… Two hours later: still on YouTube…” kind of situations (although that does happen now and then). No, I was intentionally watching one MV after another. I just started with one MV and made a deal to watch a related/suggested video after each one. A self-imposed YouTube marathon.

I haven’t done that in a long time (feels like a long time, anyway). And, don’t worry, I wasn’t up all night. The best thing about this sort of MV binge is that I’m totally in control. I went to bed at the usual time (maybe even a bit earlier).

However, at some point during this music therapy, my mind wandered a bit, and I started wondering if I was wasting time: There’s so much else that I could be doing… I don’t have to watch all of these videos – I could just listen to the songs in the background and do something else… I haven’t submitted a CPD quiz in ages…

Ok, I admit, that last thought didn’t actually even cross my mind. I just happened to glance across just now at my pile of unread copies of ‘Australian Journal of Pharmacy’ and ‘Australian Pharmacist’ (which is not actually that big, mind you!) and figured that that probably should have been a consideration.

Well, clearly, I decided that, no, it is not a waste of time. I reckon that, when it comes to leisure time, “waste” is very subjective. Playing games, reading books, watching TV, playing sport – you could easily argue one way or the other about whether these are “worth your while”. But it doesn’t matter. Well, it shouldn’t matter to anyone but yourself, provided that it isn’t negatively affecting relationships with other people.

Perhaps the fact that I’ve thought so much about this, and that I’ve had to kind of justify it in a way, qualifies it as a “guilty pleasure”…? I wouldn’t say that I feel at all guilty, but I will concede that it might fall somewhere in that kind of ballpark.

And now the real question: What song started the marathon? One of my favourites: Affirmation – Savage Garden

‘It’s ok to miss someone. If anything, it’s good to know that you’ve met someone worth missing.’