yeah… right…

I get pretty amusing spam comments on my blog sometimes. Of course, they never get published because WordPress has this seemingly very effective spam filter that stops spam comments from being published. Besides, all comments get moderated before publishing (unless you’re a regular – in which case, I just get notified).

Anyway, I logged in today and thought I’d have a look at my spam, seeing as how it can be amusing at times. Most of the time it’s the same nonsense, but I get the occasional gem. So, anyway, tonight there was one spam comment on my recent-ish post about ‘Glee’. What I found amusing about this one was that the author (whoever or whatever they are) was basically saying that the post “reminded them a lot of their old boss”, who supposedly used to “babble on about this all the time”.

Cannot imagine what sort of boss at the head of what sort of business/organisation would ramble on about ‘Glee’ so much, however good a show it is…

I almost approved the comment out of sheer amusement at the poor choice of post by the spammer (although it was probably a completely random/automated process) but I thought better of it, since it would only encourage the spam.

I also get pretty amusing junk emails now and then. The ones that aren’t selling Viagra and other drugs tend to be people pretending they used to know me a long time ago (and yet, never address me by my name) and have now fallen on hard times and want some money (either that or they’re doing great, and suggest I pay money to some website so I can achieve the same success).