blue sky thoughts

Yesterday morning, I was watching the Today Show, and they interviewed adventurer Alison Teal. I’d never heard of her before, but apparently she’s been dubbed a “female Indiana Jones” alongside other fun nicknames. From what I gathered from the interview, she basically travels around the world for a show, through which she tries to raise awareness of how beautiful and precious our Earth is. She’s a big advocate of conservation and all that.

This particular interview was prompted by a recent trip she took to Hawaii. While she was there, she went surfing around an active volcano (the first woman to ever do so), and footage of this is supposedly going viral on the internet. In the interview, they talked to her a lot about what it was like to be so close to the volcano as it was erupting, and she talked about the extreme temperatures and the inherent dangers; but that wasn’t what really impressed me and made me actually stop and watch the entire interview.

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au contraire

Here’s one for the psychoanalysts among us, or even the randomly curious or generally opinionated.

I was pondering what to write for a post, going through my little notebook where I write down ideas, and I realised that there are several contradictory aspects of my personality. I couldn’t be bothered creating separate posts for them all (not so much being lazy, but I didn’t think I’d be able to write enough content-wise to substantiate a decent post), so I’ve combined them into the one post here. Continue reading

high flyer

Just a quick post today because I’m feeling like this is the sort of week that’s going to quickly get away from me. Yes, it’s only Wednesday night here, but I’m already worried that I won’t fit in a post before week’s end if I don’t write one now.

And this isn’t exactly the ideal time to be writing one either. I’m supposed to be up at 5am tomorrow to catch a flight. It’ll be my first work trip. I am ridiculously excited. This one was extremely short notice (only got told this morning) but there are already more planned. Who knew being a pharmacist could involve/require this sort of travel? Well, I suppose you just have to work for the right companies.

Best thing about work trips is having all the expenses and organising sorted by someone else. It’s a great feeling. I don’t even mind that I’m going there for the sole purpose of work (there’ll be no sight-seeing or touristy stuff this time). I’m just excited to actually be able to meet the people in our partner pharmacy and corresponding location.

Ok, ok, really must sleep now … or at least try to…

here and there

It’s good to be back home. Had a good flight, etc. Was my first time flying solo. Nothing interesting to follow from that (was a very normal and boring flight) but just a statement of realisation. Despite the turbulence around and over Brisbane, the actual landing was probably one of the smoothest I’ve had. Good work Virgin Blue (or Virgin Australia or whatever you’re calling yourselves now).

Not too much to report about my trip. Was mostly visiting family and eating a lot.

I did, however, get a chance to do quite a bit of driving in Melbourne because one of my uncles let me borrow his old car. Have possibly done more driving in this last week than I have in the preceding six months (? – trying to make a conservative estimate, since I’m not really sure how much driving I’ve actually done).

Not many differences between driving in Brisbane and Melbourne. I never drove into the City, so I didn’t get a chance to do a “hook turn” (pffft). Probably the main difference is sharing the road with trams and trying to not drive directly over the tram tracks.

Out of curiosity, I also visited a few pharmacies while in Melbourne – you know, just to see if there are any differences. I’d already been told that they don’t dispense/label S3 drugs, but I was kind of surprised to see practically all S2 drugs out in front shop where people can just randomly self-select. Then I thought that maybe they’d counsel when you go to pay, but I bought an S2 for my aunty and didn’t get asked/told anything. Also realised that the staff who operate the tills are probably mostly assistants, who don’t necessarily have formal pharmacy assistant training.

I’m probably biased, but I think the pharmacy system in Brisbane is better – although one of the Melbourne pharmacies I visited still had the S2s behind the counter. Some of the services on offer are also a bit different. I saw one place that offers ear-piercing, and another with a Tatts Lotto (selling lottery tickets, etc) actually inside the pharmacy. Also noticed one with a proper cafe in the pharmacy, but that’s not that weird, since I know one in Brisbane that sells coffee.

Could probably write a lot about and related to this, but would probably make this post too long and also bore a lot of people, so will leave it for now.


I have been saying that word way too much lately. I reckon it’s replaced so many words in my vocabulary. Not sure exactly when this “wei” thing started but it must end!
Don’t think I used it much on the plane ride over, even though that was more horrible than expected. It was friggin’ freezing cold and I got this real bad headache (yeah, the word “friggin'” popped into my head a few times on the way over). Let’s hope it is a one-off bad experience with planes. It wasn’t actually THAT bad. They (Virgin Blue) had them personal screen thingos to let you watch Foxtel stuff (didn’t really pay attention, though, because of headache and all). And then they had this map thingo to let you see where we were flying over at that point in time (we went over Dubbo and all them central NSW towns and whatever). And I was just following the speedometre thingo that averaged like 800km/h and, because I thought it was the speed/velocity (damn Physics-ly correct terminology!) that caused my headache, I kept death-staring at it (when I wasn’t sleeping or pretending to sleep so that the flight attendant people wouldn’t bother me) and trying to make the plane go slower or drop to a lower altitude, which, clearly, was impossible but it was worth a try. (Don’t quite remember but I think we stayed at 10,000m for most of the flight.)
Well, now I am here at my uncle and aunty’s house in Pascoe Vale. If anyone just so happens to be in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop by. There’s not much to do in this crazy gigantic city. Driving anywhere takes forever, which is OK by me but we mostly only ever drive to relatives’ houses. (Man, I have relatives I never knew I had before. My family tree’s probably all complicated and messy – even if you only put people who are in Melbourne on it.) So, yeah, driving around to people’s houses, giving them chocolates or whatever and sitting around talking for ages. Then you go eat at some place and talk some more.
Writing about driving reminds me of how I haven’t driven for ages. Probably have to go get used to sitting behind the wheel again. And writing about writing reminds me of how I haven’t worked on that story I’m supposed to be working on for ages. I finished the first chapter a few days before coming down here and haven’t really done much with it since – just trying to think of character names. I’ve been using fashion designers and labels and stuff like “Theodore and Scanlon” and “Abercrombie and Fitch”. Not that I actually have any idea what the heck those designers have actually designed. And street names can be useful, too – Brewster, Murray, Lillian, etc.
I suppose I ought to tell everyone that bothers reading this what I got offered by QTAC seeing as I haven’t told anyone except family because I did fly over here on the 10th and didn’t even get a chance to ask anyone (and didn’t even manage to get a hold of ‘The Courier Mail’ to look up what everyone’s doing without having to go around asking everyone). But I don’t think I will publish it here. Undoubtedly, SOMEONE has managed to get ‘The Courier Mail’ from January 11 and has looked at it. If not, too bad for everyone.
I think I will go do something else now.