Earlier this year, when I was listening to ABC Classic on the radio, the presenter gave a very brief account of the life of Aleksandr Porfirevich Borodin. They said that before Borodin was a composer, he was a chemistry professor. It was actually while he was quite ill, and could not go to work as a chemistry professor, that he did a lot of his composing.

I found this interesting for two reasons: First, the fact that music essentially had the status of “hobby” for him — something he did in his spare time, away from work — but he managed to do really well, and became quite famous for it. I wonder if this was his real ambition, or if he just composed music for himself, and somehow realised he was actually good enough to do it professionally. Continue reading

conscious dreaming

I have been told that my dreams are boring (dream-dreams, not aspiration-dreams, although my aspirations may not be that exciting either) but I have some interesting ones from time to time. Well, I think so, anyway.

Last night’s dream was quite bizarre. I wouldn’t say the events in the dream were particularly amazing or anything, but the actual dream itself was pretty incredible. But I am kind of questioning whether it was a proper dream or more of a semi-dream.

Anyway, in the dream, I was lying in bed – either just about to go to sleep or just woken up (not entirely sure which) – and then I reached over to my bedside clock, picked it up and, for no apparent reason whatsoever, dropped it behind my bed-head. Then there was a brief moment when I considered that maybe I shouldn’t have done that, but I shrugged it off and went back to sleep (this is still in the dream).

The dream seemed so real and I remembered it almost straight away when I woke up this morning, so when I actually woke up, I looked over to my bedside table and, if you will believe it, my clock was no longer there. I hesitated for maybe a second, but when I peered over my bed-head, there was my clock, exactly where I’d apparently dropped it.

I know I couldn’t have been awake when I dropped it because it makes absolutely no sense to do that. Why would I – why would anyone just pick up their bedside clock and drop it behind their bed – not chuck it or swipe at it or smash it – but just drop it. I don’t even use it as my alarm to wake up (that’s what my phone is for – thank goodness I didn’t drop my phone instead). Besides, I woke up before my alarm went off this morning.

I’m sort of wondering if this is in any way related to sleep-walking… But I’m pretty sure I was told, or I read somewhere, that sleep-walkers don’t remember what they did while sleep-walking. Actually, now that I think of it, I think there’s a term for people who act out their dreams… just can’t remember what it is…

But if anyone has other theories on what in the world happened here, they are more than welcome. In the meantime, happy dreaming 🙂

cheese dream

Had a funny dream last night. Basically had to do a medication pack (also known as a “Webster pack” or “Medico pack”) for a patient, and in addition to their medication, the patient insisted that we had to pack cubes of cheese because he just had to have a certain amount of cheese every day (I think it was to be packed with the morning medication)

Yeah, that was more or less the extent of the dream (that I can remember).

Just going to keep this post short because I’m actually pretty tired from work (and shopping) and just want to go to bed. I wonder what I’ll dream of tonight…

P.S. Happy last day of winter! Feels like it’s gone by so fast. I’m going to miss the cool days and clear skies (about 40 days without rain until early this morning when we got about 2mm or something).