My watch ran out of battery on Saturday and I kind of couldn’t be bothered going to get the battery replaced on Sunday, so I went to work without a watch today. I sort of thought it wouldn’t be such a big deal, since there are clocks all over the place at work. Well, not really all over the place, but there are plenty of computers, which all have clocks, and there are a couple of clocks hanging on the walls.

It was still pretty weird, though. Firstly, purposely going to work – going anywhere (other than running/cycling etc) without a watch is something that I’m pretty sure I’ve never done before (or maybe I have, but very, very rarely). Secondly, commuting to work without a watch is very strange. I never realised how much I check the time on my way to work. I just like to keep track of where I am and how much time I’ve got, ok?

It was even weird going on my tea and lunch breaks without a watch because I wasn’t really sure what time I went for a break and when I needed to go back. Yeah, there’s a clock in the tea room/kitchen but it hasn’t had a good record of being on time and/or in sync with the other clocks in the pharmacy.

I wonder how many times I check the time through the course of a normal day… I’m thinking that this is the sort of pointless yet curious thing that someone, somewhere has done a study on and found the average to be unbelieveably high. But I’m not going to waste my time trying to count how many times I check the time in a day. Does it really matter?

It’s not like my mind was more free or anything from not having a watch to look at. And it’s not like glancing at one’s watch now and then takes up that much time in one’s day (although I will admit to occasionally staring at my watch for a few seconds to make sure it’s still ticking – particularly when it’s a bit earlier than I expected).

I know some people who never wear watches anywhere, and that’s fine if they’re fine with it, but I don’t think I could become one of those people – not completely, anyway. The only time I absolutely never wear a watch is when I’m at home. We just have clocks everywhere, so there’s no need. Besides, I don’t really look at the time at home except to know when to eat, when to go to bed, and when to go to work.

Well, anyway, the good news is that my watch battery is now replaced and my watch is ticking happily again and life can go back to normal.

conscious dreaming

I have been told that my dreams are boring (dream-dreams, not aspiration-dreams, although my aspirations may not be that exciting either) but I have some interesting ones from time to time. Well, I think so, anyway.

Last night’s dream was quite bizarre. I wouldn’t say the events in the dream were particularly amazing or anything, but the actual dream itself was pretty incredible. But I am kind of questioning whether it was a proper dream or more of a semi-dream.

Anyway, in the dream, I was lying in bed – either just about to go to sleep or just woken up (not entirely sure which) – and then I reached over to my bedside clock, picked it up and, for no apparent reason whatsoever, dropped it behind my bed-head. Then there was a brief moment when I considered that maybe I shouldn’t have done that, but I shrugged it off and went back to sleep (this is still in the dream).

The dream seemed so real and I remembered it almost straight away when I woke up this morning, so when I actually woke up, I looked over to my bedside table and, if you will believe it, my clock was no longer there. I hesitated for maybe a second, but when I peered over my bed-head, there was my clock, exactly where I’d apparently dropped it.

I know I couldn’t have been awake when I dropped it because it makes absolutely no sense to do that. Why would I – why would anyone just pick up their bedside clock and drop it behind their bed – not chuck it or swipe at it or smash it – but just drop it. I don’t even use it as my alarm to wake up (that’s what my phone is for – thank goodness I didn’t drop my phone instead). Besides, I woke up before my alarm went off this morning.

I’m sort of wondering if this is in any way related to sleep-walking… But I’m pretty sure I was told, or I read somewhere, that sleep-walkers don’t remember what they did while sleep-walking. Actually, now that I think of it, I think there’s a term for people who act out their dreams… just can’t remember what it is…

But if anyone has other theories on what in the world happened here, they are more than welcome. In the meantime, happy dreaming 🙂