eating my way through Launceston

So now it’s been three weeks since I first set foot in Launceston, and here I am still trying to get through writing about everything I want to write about my visit… Life has been busy, but perhaps it’s also a good reflection on my holiday if I’m still in the process of drifting down from it.

One of the things I was weirdly excited about when I returned home was being able to eat Weet-Bix for breakfast again. I mean, I could have eaten Weet-Bix during my holiday – it would’ve been as simple as walking to a shop and buying some – but there was so much other food; and even when I was just staying at my uncle and aunty’s place, they always had toast for brekkie, so I went along with that to save them the inconvenience of keeping cereal they don’t eat.

That was actually a bit of an unexpected/unplanned tangent. Maybe that was coz of the conversation I had with my assistant/student on Saturday about how she was looking forward to eating Weet-Bix the next morning after finishing the 40-Hour Famine… Well, either way, I can’t remember what I was going to write originally, except that it was supposed to lead into this post about food I ate on my holiday… I guess that’ll do.

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It seems that I’m making a habit of writing blog posts late at night when I should probably be in bed sleeping (or trying to sleep). But it’s ok tonight because I have the day off tomorrow (because I’m working on Sunday, and this is one of those nice weeks where HR lets the Sunday pharmacist take a week-day off).

Earlier today, thinking of tomorrow, I had this thought: tomorrow is completely mine. It was basically me reminding myself that I have an entire day to myself because pretty much everyone I know will be at work or otherwise preoccupied. It’s a strange feeling. It brings on a sort of nervous excitement, which is a weirdly wonderful feeling.

I’m not really doing anything exciting tomorrow though. I need to get a blood test done – a fasting blood test, which means I’m going to leave the house without having breakfast for the first time in …forever (?) Yeah, I dunno… Even when I meet up with friends to have breakfast “out” (which is incredibly rare), I still eat a bit before leaving the house.

I think I’ll also go shopping tomorrow, just for random things that I may or may not need, and have been putting off for a while. I’m not big on shopping usually. I don’t do well with window shopping, or the idea of wandering aimlessly around malls. I prefer shopping when I have a clear idea of what I want to buy. Now and then, however, I get this idea in my head that maybe if I just browse around, check out a few stores, I might find things to buy that I didn’t realise I wanted/needed. When this happens, it usually doesn’t take long before I’m completely disillusioned and realise what a terrible idea that was.

Well, I could just come straight home after breakfast tomorrow, but I feel like I’m in the kind of mindset where I need to be out amongst people. Not necessarily with anyone, but alone in a crowd is sufficient. I’m not sure if it’s related to the writing that I’ve been doing – this need to be amongst people so I can observe and contemplate the movements and mannerisms of others.

Either way, the weather’s supposed to be nice and mild tomorrow. I hope I can enjoy some sunshine. I’ll be thinking of the poor souls hard at work, counting down the hours until the week-end.

every morning

It’s been a very long week… Feels like a very long time since I posted here… I’ve been filling in for my manager at work this week, which has meant 7am starts every day, which has meant getting up before the sun every morning. I’m actually quite pleased that I haven’t been late at all this week. (I was going to say “pleasantly surprised” but, when I think about it, it’s not really that much of a surprise.)

It’s been nice watching the sunrise every morning. That orange glow just reaffirms why orange is my most favourite colour. It’s also nice that it’s actually decently cold that early in the morning. I like my winters to actually feel like winter.

I’ve often wondered if I’m more of a morning person or an evening/night person, but I can’t seem to put myself definitively in either category. I don’t mind early starts at work, and I don’t usually sleep in very late on my days off, but getting up early is still a bit of a pain. Having said that, however, once I’m up and I’ve had breakfast, I’m ready for anything. On the other hand, nighttime productivity is quite variable, but unless I’m super tired or sleep-deprived, I can generally stay up quite late.

That preamble turned out a bit longer than I expected… What I was getting to was that, because of these incredibly early starts, I’ve been mostly eating cereal for breakfast this last week (except this morning when I had oats) because cereal is probably the quickest and easiest breakfast for me to have. As such, I’ve had a lot of time to think about cereal and my cereal-eating habits.

At first, I didn’t think that this was something worth documenting on my blog, but I had a random conversation about cereal with some coworkers the other day (and it wasn’t me who brought it up) and I realised that people like talking about eating habits – even for something as seemingly simple as cereal. It’s not something that comes up too often, but it could be for that very reason that people are keen to give their two cents’ worth when it does come up. (Feel free to add your two cents’ worth if you feel so inclined.)

Sorry, preamble just got longer… But you must understand that I can’t simply post a list of my cereal eating habits without adequate introduction – people will think I’m crazy …or bored …or both (I will neither confirm or deny any of those possibilities)

There are two cereals that are essential to my cereal-eating: Weetbix and Nutrigrain. I never eat just one type of cereal, unless that is absolutely all that is available to me. I always have 2-3 Weetbix, which I place in the bowl first (and I always use the same sized bowl). I then fill the bowl to the brim with milk (although I’ve been trying to exercise a bit more restraint here and not use as much milk), and then add the Nutrigrain, which I proceed to eat in lots of three per spoonful. (I don’t know – they just seem to fit nicely in lots of three…)

More often than not, I will have a third cereal, such as Weetbix Crunch or Milo cereal (or something else that I’ve momentarily forgotten the name of) that I add after finishing Nutrigrain. (Pro tip: Milo and Weetbix go really well together)

Those of you playing along at home (don’t know why you would, but ok…) may remark at this stage that the Weetbix is undoubtedly soggy by now. That, of course, is the point of my putting it in first. I do, however, quite like crunchy Weetbix and will eat one bix before adding Nutrigrain if I start off with three bix in the bowl. Hope I haven’t completely lost you all by now (or earlier)

I think my longer entries are a good reflection of the things that I’m really passionate about. Either that or they’re really good for pinpointing the times in my life that I’m perhaps slightly delirious and have little better to do than write amazingly long posts that are rather disproportionate to the weight of the issue discussed.