Thursday Doors – Archive Books (a bibliophile’s haven)

I was out in the city last week to do some Christmas shopping. And by “Christmas shopping” I mean that I had to buy one gift for my workplace Secret Santa. Shouldn’t be hard, right? Well, no, not usually, except that it was really busy and crowded everywhere. Plus I don’t overly like shopping to begin with.

After browsing through a few shops, feeling my patience diminishing, I retreated into a book store. Books make good presents, right? That was my pretence for going in there, but, really, it just felt more tranquil in the book store than out there, even if there were a lot more people than usual in the book store as well.

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Thursday Doors – Bent Books

In my many years of blogging, I’ve kind of gotten the feeling that people who write blogs usually also like to read books. Right? Or it could just be the kind of blogs I tend to follow have given me this biased view.

Anyway, if you’ve visited my blog even semi-regularly, you’ve probably gotten the impression that I, too, like to read books. Consequently, I also like libraries and book shops, but I sometimes have to avoid these places because it is a real struggle sometimes to walk into a library or book store, and restrain myself from picking up every second book. (Don’t worry, I stay calm and composed mostly. The struggle happens internally.)

But, you know, sometimes browsing books shelves is kind of therapeutic and relaxing. And sometimes I just feel like looking at books for no reason other than … books.

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Launceston: overview

After surviving two days back at work (two very long days!), I thought this would be a good time to reminisce about my trip to Launceston. Also, I suppose I should write about it all before work life and normality make me forget the details.

In the three days that I was there (or technically two and a half days), I feel like I explored quite a lot, but also feel like there’s a lot left to be discovered in Launceston and the surrounding area. There seemed to be a sense of tranquility and calm about the place, yet, at the same time, there was something very exhilarating about being there.  Continue reading

a happy place

I was out shopping the other day (Sunday, actually) and I had a bit of time to kill before meeting up with friends, so I naturally went straight to the book store. And it occurred to me that I’ve never written a blog entry about book shops before (at least, not that I can remember), which kind of surprised me, considering that if I’m at a loose end and I’m in the vicinity of a book shop, that is most likely where I’ll end up (assuming it’s within opening hours).

So, here I am to right this wrong. I’m considering creating a series of posts dedicated to this literary happy place, but we’ll see how I go with condensing (cough, cough) everything into this post.

Now, before you go and make hasty judgements about my spending habits (probably a bit late to be saying this because, if your judgements were, indeed, hasty, then you’d surely have already made them by now) let me just clarify that I am by no means a shopaholic or impulse buyer or otherwise too liberal with money. Whether or not this is mostly because I’d have nowhere to store all these books is another matter.

As a side note, I never realised how weird the word “hasty” looks. I’ve probably never had occasion to write it, and it isn’t a word that pops up very often in printed form (or at all). It looks like it should have an -ey ending, seeing as the parent word “haste” has an “e”, but “hastey” doesn’t look any less weird. Well, that’ll be another one to bring up whenever the inevitable “English is the hardest language to learn” / “English makes no sense sometimes” conversation comes up.

Back on topic now… I suppose what led to the realisation about the complete absence of book shop posts was that, as I walked along one of the aisles, I was just thinking about why I like book shops, and I suppose since I like to blog about things I like, my brain somehow linked the two…

Well, considering that I like to read, it might seem obvious why I like book shops. However, considering that I don’t buy many books (usually not unless it is actually for someone else, or if I have a voucher, or if it is ridiculously cheap), biblio-acquisitions are not the sole – probably not even the primary reason behind why I like book shops.

For the one that I frequent the most, I like it because of the atmosphere and the range of books they have and the usual stuff like that (mostly atmosphere, though). I also like that they get their staff to review books and make recommendations. Sometimes the objective with reading book reviews is not necessarily to discover books I might like, but to find that other people agree with my own opinion of a book. Having said that, I really do like discovering new books, even though my list of books to read is already practically unconquerable…

Ok, I’m going to have to end this here, and (maybe) continue this in another post at another time (if I remember). I have a lot of thoughts floating around in my mind, but they’re getting drowned by thoughts of sleep (probably because I had less than six hours’ sleep last night)