blue days

The day started off blue.

Through the space between the blinds, all I could see was blue sky. It gave promise of a good day. But in the time it took for me to get out of bed and brush my teeth, the clouds gathered and made the world grey again.

Lifting the blinds, glancing out at the sky and the street below, I wondered where the clouds came from. Where did the blue go?

Still, it wasn’t raining yet, and I was determined to get some errands done. I’d had a good sleep-in the day before — a lazy, slumberous day — so I had to make this day productive.

The rain started as I approached the shopping centre. Several people were walking about without umbrellas, and I thought they must’ve been deceived into optimism by the early morning blue sky. A woman sighed in relief as she reached shelter and sat down on a bench.

By the time I was leaving the shopping centre — probably not more than half an hour later — the rain had stopped, and patches of blue sky could be seen once again. The sun shone brightly at my back, and I opened my umbrella so that it might dry before I got home.

The sunshine didn’t last long, though. Soon it was raining again. It has been raining on and off all day. Sometimes it rains softly, in a fine mist, coming and going in a whisper. Other times, the rain falls in a sudden rush — a torrential onslaught that drowns out all other noise. But even this dissipates after a few minutes.

And all day, between the bouts of rain, there have been patches of blue sky — patches of false hope. Even now, I can see mostly blue sky from my window, but the trust has been broken; I dare not hope.

Thursday Doors – wandering

Feels like it’s been a long time since my last Thursday Doors post, and January and February are looking like they’ll be busy months, so I thought I’d get in quick with a short post.

My favourite colour is actually orange, but I like colour in general, particularly bright, bold colours. As such, I didn’t even try to suppress the smile that spread across my face when I found this shipping-container-esque stall and its shiny blue doors


Just unobtrusively parked in front of a hotel entrance…

I found it along Roma Street (inner Brisbane) one day when I was, coincidentally, wandering around aimlessly. I also thought, because of its name, this would be a good one to start off the new year.

I haven’t yet returned to find out what they do/sell when open, but I would guess street food or coffee or something along those lines. Actually, maybe it’s not even there any more…

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