on ya bike

Today’s a public holiday (Anzac Day for those of you not from/in Australia – according to WordPress, my blog gets quite a few international visitors…), so yesterday kind of felt like a Friday and today felt like the week-end, so it feels like tomorrow’s Monday… except that it’s actually Friday tomorrow, and then there’s the real week-end after that. It’s just a really bizarre feeling.

So today I went for another 20+ kilometre bike ride. This time down to southside. I never realised the bikeway extended so far… And then I just had a look on Google Maps, and realised that the bikeway actually goes further than where I’d gotten up to (you just have to go through a few intersections or something to get to where it continues on).

I haven’t been cycling for over a week, so it was good to get back on my bike. However, since my long walk/run last week-end, cycling doesn’t seem as… good… Not sure how to put it exactly…

I already mentioned in a previous post about how running/jogging requires effort 100% of the time, whereas cycling allows you to just cruise along now and then, so it’s not quite as satisfying. But today, as I was taking a break from peddling while my bike merrily sped down a gentle downward slope that seemed to go on forever, it struck me that it was kind of like cheating – I was covering so much distance using only the effort required to sit upright and hold the handlebars.

I suppose what this means is that the distance covered or the time taken is not a true reflection of energy expenditure or effort. To be fair, though, I had to cycle up every slope that I cruised down on my way back home. (That was another revelation that struck me while momentum and gravity helped accelerate me along the bikeway: “Hmm.. this is nice.. Oh wait, I’m going to have to cycle back up this way later when I’m more tired than I am now. Damn.”)

It wasn’t so bad, though. I cycled around my local-ish area a bit when I got back because I wasn’t that tired, and the trip hadn’t taken as long as I thought it might have, even though I ended up going further than I’d originally planned.

The main reason I ended up choosing a bike ride rather than a run today was because I have work tomorrow, and I figured bike riding would leave me less sore and tired the next day. Seems like I made a good choice, if my current state is anything to go by. I’m saving the running for the week-end.