discarded and decayed

It’s been a bit of an odd day. I was going to write about something quite different, but the way the day has turned out has got me feeling like writing about it.

About a month ago, I got a flat tyre on my bike. It had happened before, and DL helped me replace the inner tube, and it was all good for several rides before it went flat again. It was a bit unusual because I had cycled in to work with no problems. I locked my bike up in the allocated cage in the car park, and didn’t notice anything amiss. Yet, when I returned to my bike later that day, the front tyre was completely flat, and couldn’t be inflated.

Annoying, yes, but not a major problem. I caught the train home that day, and figured I could replace the inner tube again — perhaps there was a tiny rock or bit of glass lodged inside the rim, and it would be a simple fix. However, week-end after week-end passed, and it was either raining (I don’t have enough space in the garage to do work on the bike inside), or I was too busy/tired (or both). So I put it off, and ignored it, and thought about it, but didn’t do anything.

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patches and bandages

We’ve had a lot of rainy days and rainy weeks this year, and I’ve discovered that it doesn’t take much for everyone to get sick of rainy weather. It must be something about the gloomy grey, and the fact that everything is always wet, and nothing really dries properly because there’s so much moisture in the air.

Of course, it’s all the more wonderful when the clouds disperse and the sun reappears. Oh, we can do laundry again! And our towels will be dry before we use them again!

I took advantage of the good weather to cycle to work yesterday. I made it to work in what I believe to be record time, averaging almost 21km/h. I felt good the whole day, right up until I cut my thumb in the afternoon while trying to cut up some boxes. (It sure is hard trying to keep an injured thumb inactive, especially if it’s on your dominant hand.) It was at about this time that I seriously questioned my decision to not have coffee that day.

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back on the bike

This week I decided to try cycling to work again. I hadn’t cycled to work (or anywhere) in a really long time — maybe the start of the year, or toward the end of last year — and I thought it was about time I tried again.

Of course, that’s not to say I cycled every day this week. I only cycled on Wednesday, when I thought the workload would be manageable enough that I wouldn’t be left too exhausted to cycle home. Fortunately, the weather was also quite mild that day, so it seemed like the best opportunity.

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last minute, next minute

In the last week-end of May, I flew down to Canberra to visit a friend. I called her on the Thursday afternoon to check if the guest room was set up yet (they’d moved over a month prior, but I knew they’d been pretty busy). Having confirmed everything was ok, I booked my flights that night. About 14 hours after that, I was on the plane.

Last week, on a bit of a whim, I decided to go to the Rudimental concert. Ok, there was a fair bit of deliberation about this, but only for a few days, and right up until I bought the ticket, I was still equivocal about the whole thing. I left work on Monday, half-convinced that I shouldn’t go, but by bedtime, I was 100% committed to going. Continue reading

first epic bike ride

Before today, I’ve mostly just been riding my bike around the local area, not too far from home (keep in mind I’ve only had my bike for a bit over three weeks), so I was pretty stoked about venturing further out today.

Went from home to Bulimba, caught a ferry to South Bank; rode around South Bank and across the Goodwill Bridge to the Botanic Gardens and back; then from South Bank all the way back home. Of course this wasn’t all in one hit. We had a break for lunch at Bulimba (technically an extended break, including ferry ride), and then break in the City for slushies and watermelon, and another break at South Bank just for chilling…

Would’ve been good if it wasn’t so hot today (although very glad and grateful that it wasn’t raining or whatever) but I had so much fun anyway. (Totally lathered on the sunscreen, too)

AZ estimates it was about 20km all up, which sounds pretty good to me. But I just had a look on Google Maps (good ol’ Google) and realised that that is pretty much the equivalent of going from the City all the way out to Springwood/Slacks Creek (well, it’s the distance going along the Pacific Motorway, anyway), which is essentially like riding through half of Brisbane. Suddenly, 20km just got more impressive.

But even with all the breaks and whatnot, I still felt super tired after getting home again. Can’t remember the last time I was so physically exhausted and actually dripping with sweat. One of the best feelings, though – physical exhaustion – and I think many sporting/exercise enthusiasts will concur. Another great feeling is having a cold shower after so much exertion!

While I’m writing about today, I may as well give a mention to Cafe Citrus, the place we had lunch at. The service seemed pretty good – reasonably prompt with water, food, bill. I just had the chicken parmigiana, but it was quite possibly the best parmigiana I’ve ever had. Chicken cooked well, plenty of cheese and spinach, too (don’t think too many places do parmigiana with spinach…?), chips were good (golden on the outside, soft in the middle), and the salad was sufficiently dressed without any massive leaves (which are quite annoying to eat when you only have a knife and fork).

Having said this, I’m not sure if it was a total fluke, since, out of curiosity, I checked their page on Urban Spoon and was kind of surprised to see that they’ve been getting mostly really, really bad reviews. Maybe they’ve changed management or something in the last month…..? Or maybe it just tasted better because I was hungry (well, not hungry per se, but definitely in need of more fuel).

Whatever. Back to the ride: can’t wait to go bike riding again. Really feel a sense of accomplishment. Next on the to-do list is to get a light for my bike so I can go riding at night. Also still need to do that trial ride to work, and need to keep building up my fitness.

new bike! (…finally)

So, after years of thinking about it, and months (?) of talking about it, I (finally) got a new bicycle yesterday.

The only downside is that I’m kind of too busy this week-end to take it for a proper spin… And I’d like to do a trial run before actually riding it to work on a work day.

The actual purchasing process was pretty interesting, though. I never realised that buying a bike was so involved and complex. There’s, like, a whole science behind cycling. (Yeah, ok, there’s probably a whole lot of science in every sport, but I never realised the extent of it until I actually went to look at bikes and talked to the people at the bike shop.)

Anyway, they do what is called a “bike fit” and measure you up (torso, leg and arm lengths and overall height and maybe something else that I forgot) to make sure that the bike fits you in every way, etc. Then they went through all the general stuff like gears, maintenance and whatnot. And somewhere in amongst all of that, they talked about servicing and tuning and how it’s supposed to be done every three months or something…

Well, anyway, there’s a whole users’ manual that came with the bike, so I suppose I’ll read through that some time while I’m waiting for next week-end when I’ll hopefully have more time to actually ride by new bike.

And in case you are wondering, the plan (at this stage) is not to cycle to work every day, but maybe just on one or two days per week. I’ll just see how it goes…

In other news… You know it’s been a busy week at work when the manager(s) come in to work on a Saturday (when it’s usually just one pharmacist + assistant) to finish off whatever it is that they need to do. Today (my third time as solo pharmacist on a Saturday – don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll stop counting eventually) not just one but all three pharmacist managers visited the pharmacy (operations, dispensary and oncology). Let’s just say that I’m hoping that this coming week is not as hectic… especially considering that I have to work six days (Mon-Sat).