do not disturb?

Just because it’s exam time, doesn’t mean I’m too busy to post! You didn’t really think I’d forget, did you? Probably too busy with your own study/exams to notice…

In actuality, this is probably the least stressed exam block I’ve had since first year, or maybe high school. Well, either way, things aren’t too bad. Sometimes I wonder if I should be more stressed and study more… but you probably don’t want to read about that.

On to something more interesting / less boring: I was talking to a friend yesterday about songs that have titles that don’t really make sense because they’re words/phrases that are only mentioned once/twice in the entire song or not at all.

Take, for example, “Do not disturb” by Let’s Get It. I don’t think they actually say “do not disturb” at any point in the song, and even considering what the song is about, I’m not sure that the title is really that relevant. Have a listen – you’ll see what I mean.

I think the title is meant to have “tell me how bad” in parentheses, but that would probably make more sense as a title in itself than “do not disturb”. But this is a petty thing, really. I do like the song – it’s quite catchy, and really fun to play on Tap Tap Revenge, which is where I first discovered the song, along with others such as “We love like vampires” by Sparks the Rescue, which is also a cool song, but with a slightly weird MV…

gone fishing

This last week has actually been pretty relaxed/cruisey. I only had two days of class, and the second day wasn’t even a proper day of class. I’m sure people who know me have all seen the photos on Facebook of our Halloween day at PACE. That was pretty awesome. Kudos to those who put time and effort into their costumes.

Feels a bit weird to be done with uni classes, though. Don’t think it’s really sunk in yet. I’ve been trying to remember what it was like finishing high school, and I think the feeling is sort of like that. Sort of sad that my four years of pharm school are over, but still quite happy and proud that I’ve made it through and am about to take the next step (still have to finish exams, though!).

I’m gonna miss pharm school. I’m not going to be overly emotional about it or whatever, but uni life will definitely be missed (especially considering that I’m essentially going to be working full-time hours once exams are finished).

This week was also my first time going fishing. We didn’t catch anything (other than small crabs and random stuff – and seaweed!) but it was a fun day regardless, so it didn’t matter so much that there were no fish. A lot of people (I’m assuming) have dreams of going overseas and travelling and whatever, but I reckon if I can have days like that every now and then (and weekends/nights out on a more regular basis), then I won’t mind if I never set foot outside this country.

next page

Handed in my last assignment for the year today! No more assignments! No more group assignments!

You know, I’ve realised that, no matter how much I dislike an assignment, I will still try to get a good mark (as opposed to just aiming for a pass). And, no, this is not just because I like getting good marks. I reckon there are a few other factors involved, such as proving a point (to myself and to the assignment and whoever set the assignment), having confidence that I’ve passed (rather than second-guessing and hoping), and my possible mild case of perfectionism.

Well, either way… I don’t think there was really a point in mentioning all that, so… moving on…

In other news, my aunty gave me her iPhone because she got a new phone. It is my first Apple product. I’ve finally joined the crowd. Good thing I put off getting a new phone for so long.

This is actually probably my most favourite time of semester – when assignments are all done, and there’s nothing left to do except study~! (Yes, my thought train looped back to uni assessment.) Not sure if it’s just me, but I reckon this part of the semester feels calmer. Even at the start of semester, there’s all this anticipation and fear about what assessments are coming up. But when there’s only exams left, I feel more in control.

But even having said that, I still reckon the oral exam is going to be pretty nerve-wracking.

Something else I realised: I might seem perfectly calm before the exam, and in the holding/waiting room, but things can fall apart so easily. Yes, ok, I’m being a bit melodramatic here, but it doesn’t take much to knock down that one domino that sets off a cascade. Ok, so still a bit overly dramatic, but you get my point.

Let’s archive today, go to sleep, and start anew tomorrow.

for posting’s sake

Feels like ages since I wrote anything here. Even this feels like a forced entry – posting for the sake of posting. But I guess I can take this as an opportunity to note down stuff that’s been going on lately because I assume that’s what most people use their blogs for…

I now technically only have uni two days a week because prac classes have finished. But the days that I’m not at uni are generally taken up with assignment work or actual work-work, so it’s not really like having days off (if that makes anyone with more than two days of class per week feel better).

Technically tomorrow is a day off, but I have to sort out registration stuff for next year. Can’t remember if I mentioned already, but I’ll be doing intern/pre-reg next year. And, to answer the question that commonly follows such statements, yes, I am looking forward to it and am reasonably excited about graduating. Just have to make it through the remaining assignments and exams.

I wouldn’t call this the home stretch, though. This is the part where you know the home stretch is coming – you know that finish line isn’t too far off.

And, yes, I am going to stick with pharmacy because I actually like pharmacy. And that’s all I’m going to say about that for now because anything more would just sound too corny and/or lame.

Anyway, in other news, it is time for bed. Goodnight.


Was sort of hoping my time management would be good enough that I’d avoid this situation where I’m not posting much because my life is being consumed by assignments (and procrastination other than blogging), but here I am…

I think that doing an assignment about a patient who has depression and very low motivation has actually helped me to address my own low motivation to do the assignment. Pretty good, huh?

Just want to cross off more assignments from my list!

Random realisation I’ve had recently: I don’t think I’ve ever gotten sick of bread, but I can get sick of rice pretty easily. There are some disclaimers/qualifiers/whatevers for this, though:

I tend to eat wholegrain bread or bread with seeds or whatever (or raisin toast!), so bread itself has a fair bit of variety. I would probably get sick of white bread, but other types of bread (even if I stuck with the one type) would probably be ok.

I do tend to eat mostly white rice, when I do have rice, but I reckon I’d still get sick of brown rice (or would I…?).

And just to eliminate other confounding variables: I’ve grown up eating rice and bread on a fairly regular basis. People who have gone to school with me will probably know I always have bread at lunch, and I usually have rice at dinner (assuming I’m not eating out, in which case I will avoid bread and rice if possible).

Maybe bread has more of a smell/aroma component to it, and hence more appeal…?

This is such a random topic. But, you know, people can be passionate about the most random things. And there’s nothing wrong with liking bread. There are weirder things.

On a sort of related matter: No one has yet disproven my theory that anything that can go in a sandwich tastes better on toast. I’m also trying to think of a similar theory about pastry, but I’m not sure it’d work with everything.

next and last

I reckon every semester I write at least one entry about the ridiculous assignments I have and/or the many reasons why uni is so torturous. I can’t remember if I’ve written one for this semester yet… but I hope not because I’m going to try to go one semester without complaining about assessment in a blog post.

Grr… hope I do not explode…

Wow… I just looked over at some notes I wrote on a “to do list” -type thing, and saw the word “cream” (as in the diclofenac cream I’m making in prac class), and I thought of actual edible whipped cream. But, really, I’m not hungry, I just like food.

This reminds me of that time I went to ‘Three Girls Skipping’ and I was ordering a friand, so the cafe lady asked if I wanted cream with it. Being somewhere between my indulgent mood and my fear-of-atherosclerosis-and-other-cardiovascular-diseases mood, I asked for her recommendation:

“Is it better with cream?”

What can I say? She spoke the truth.