like glue

Ok, so it’s been a while since I wrote anything here, but I have been keeping myself fairly busy. Well, first thing was clearing out unwanted stuff. And then when I was sorting through things, I found this little decoupage container that I’d made in grade 7. Seeing that made me feel like doing more decoupage. For anyone who doesn’t know what decoupage is, it’s basically just gluing paper onto stuff. Ok, maybe that explanation doesn’t quite do justice to it. Well, it’s sort of like paper mache, I guess, and most people know what that is, yeah?

The one I made in grade 7 was from one of those circular plastic takeaway containers. I remember we did several layers of newspaper before going over it with wrapping paper. This time I thought I’d try decoupaging a cardboard box. It’s quite big, actually. Took about two weeks to finish. Of course, I wasn’t working on it non-stop for two weeks, but I worked on it for at least a few hours on most days in that fortnight.

I didn’t get to do quite as many layers of newspaper as I would have liked, but I guess that’s still ok. The box is still fine. And then I’d been wondering whether to go over the whole thing with wrapping paper or just some areas or stick shapes on it. In the end, I wanted to keep some of the newspaper visible (sort of more interesting that way), so I just cut out some shapes from wrapping paper and stuck them on. And then came the varnish. I was quite disappointed at not being able to get spray varnish, which would have made the varnishing part a whole lot easier, but it’s all done now.

Oh, I should mention (actually, I don’t know why I "should" mention, but I’m going to mention it, anyway) I had to make the lid myself because I used an old box with, like, flaps for a lid/cover, but I wanted to make it so that it was one of those boxes where you actually remove the lid. Yeah, that totally makes sense.

Well, after making the box, I decided to cut out some shapes from the left over cardboard and make little Christmas decorations (yes, I’m getting into the spirit of things…..). Put a ribbon through them, went over them with newspaper and then coloured paper. Pretty simple. I finished one of them in just one afternoon. I actually only made two of those. Sorry if it sort of sounded like I made a whole pile of them or something. Well, actually, I cut out and put together two cirlces for a bauble (the third Christmas decoration), but I didn’t get around to finishing that, and think I might abandon that one (for now at least).

Apart from all that decoupage, I have started knitting again. It took me a while to get the hang of it again, though. Mind you, I can’t do anything fancy. But it is a nice way to pass the time. And, no, knitting is not an old person thing. Ageing increases the risk of arthritis, and I think it’d be quite hard to knit with arthritis. I’m taking advantage of the relatively healthy state of my hands.

And in case you were wondering, there is no need to be concerned for my social life. I have been getting out of the house now and then. I’ve been out shopping, had lunch with people, had dinner with people, played tennis, went to Movie World, etc, etc.


I’ve gotten a fair bit done today. Ok, maybe not that much…

Little bits here and there. Not too intensive. This morning I cleaned up my desk a bit – chucked out random scrap pieces of paper that have been accumulating, and I put some notebooks away on the shelf thing.

Organising things so that they seem neat and, well, organised again. That didn’t exactly work out as intended, but it’s still tidier than before. I figure it’s good to get all that sorting and clearing out done earlier in the holidays so that I can just do whatever for the rest of the time.

‘Vanity Fair’ (William Thackeray): started reading this today but I didn’t get too far into it before I got distracted with clearing out junk from my desk.

Excuse me for not recounting things in chronological order. I was getting rid of some letters and things from banks and wherever, so I had to shred them up. Of course, we do not have a shredder, so I had to manually shred them.

Yes, we used to have one – long time ago, though – but then the blades got blunt or something. I don’t know. Anyway, point is, I got a bit of a headache from tearing up all that paper. Nothing a bit of food couldn’t help, though.

On top of organising papers, had to re-organise stuff on my laptop. I moved lecture notes, etc to my other hard drive. I also went through the folders, trying to find things to delete.

Usually I’m quite reluctant to delete uni-related files, but I tried to be a bit more ruthless this time. I ended up deleting 30-something items, which isn’t too bad. It actually feels quite nice to delete things and then empty the recycle bin.

Just this afternoon, I got back to playing those little mini games that have been terribly neglected during semester. Didn’t stick with that for too long, though, because I was playing just a bit before lunch, and then after lunch I didn’t really feel like playing anymore. I watched two episodes of ‘Family Guy’. Good cartoon, that is. I have it all on my laptop, but, in the spirit of deleting things, I deleted the ones I’ve watched already. My sister has them on one of her external hard drives, anyway.

Right now I have the ‘Family Guy’ theme song in my head. Sorry if that’s gotten it in your head too. Has anyone seen the ads for ‘The Cleveland Show’ yet? I just saw one just before when I went to have dinner. (For those who don’t know, Cleveland is a friend of the main dude from ‘Family Guy’.) Hmm… imagine if ‘The Simpsons’ had a spin-off show for the Flandersss.

These days I’ve noticed that my posts have sort of been getting shorter. And I’ve been thinking that maybe that’s a good thing – in terms of being easier for people to read and me not being bothered to write so much. Well, it’s not like I have that much to ramble on about, anyway. Theoretically, I could, but theory doesn’t always come into practice.

on fire

I have resorted to blogging again.

Actually got up pretty late today at, like, 11:30am. Had a quick breakfast and now I’m here, without much time until lunch. So I don’t really feel like getting started on study just yet. I know. Shock horror, right? But I did go look at the feedback forums and I downloaded some lecture notes and other "class resources", which I’ll take a look at later. By the time I finish writing this, should be lunch time for me.

I went to my first Riverfire last night. Yes, even with how long I’ve lived here, it was only my first time at Riverfire. I think other years, I always had something else on, so couldn’t go. But I went this year, and it was definitely a very good half hour of watching fireworks. I mean that seriously. They even had smiley face fireworks.

I like the concept of Riverfire. Lighting up our river for half an hour on one random night of the year, and getting hundreds and thousands of people to gather around and watch it all in awe, amazement and wonderment. Now that is incredible. It was so packed. So many people. I think some people were saying how it was more crowded this year than the last few years. Of course, I wouldn’t know because I haven’t been before, but it’d be hard to imagine it getting more crowded than it was. I so totally want to come super early one year and stake out a good spot.

And I guess there’s been other exciting stuff happening lately, too. Like that time when I caught the 1000th bus. Like, seriously, I was so excited about that. That was, like, last Friday, and I really wanted to blog about it on the night or the next day or whatever, but I was sort of busy and didn’t have the time. And, yeah, I didn’t think it’d be worthwhile to just dedicate an entire entry just on the 1000th bus, so I sort of waited for more stuff to happen so that I’d have other stuff to write about too.

But anyway, for those of you who aren’t bus people, the Council recently got 1000 new buses. So on each of these new buses, it will tell you something like "you are on bus number # of 1000 new buses". The 1000th bus has "1000" in big numbers on the side of the bus because it is just that special. And I’d actually seen it a few times – maybe one or two times before last Friday’s ride – and even that was pretty exciting.

Yeah, no, I don’t have a thing about buses. Sure, they are my main means of transport, but I don’t take any particular interest in buses. It’s just that it was the 1000th bus, so it was special and something to get excited about. And, no, my life is not that boring that I have to take excitement from new buses. Don’t spoil my fun, people..! Surely excitability is not a bad thing.

So anyway, I caught the 1000th bus on Friday afternoon. It was the 117 route going inbound to the City. I only caught it from South Bank, though, so I wasn’t on it for that long. I think if I was on it for much longer, it might’ve lost its novelty and I might’ve gotten over it. It was a very lucky coincidence then. And, in case you’re wondering, there isn’t anything particularly special about the 1000th bus – like, it’s not different from any other bus (except that it has "1000" on the side in big numbers). It’s just like any other bus on the inside (except that your view out the window is obstructed by the massive "1000" on the side). But it was a fun experience, anyway.

Oh, and just a quick mention before I go off to have lunch: I’m very proud that the Lions made it to the finals – like, they finished the season in the top 8. That, I think, was quite unexpected. Especially considering they got a new coach this year and they had a fair few key players injured throughout the year. And, sure they got eliminated on Friday night, but that’s alright. I think it would have been nothing short of miraculous if they’d made it to the grand final. I think now I’ll be going for St Kilda to get the flag, but we’ll see. I haven’t been following it that much, to be honest.

And also a mention to the Broncos, who defeated the Titans last night. Of course, I wasn’t watching because I was at Riverfire, but I saw the result in the paper this morning. I sort of doubt that the Broncos will win this year, but I can never discount their chances. I think I would be surprised if they made it to the grand final, even, but I’m not going to rule out the possibility that they might still make it.

Everywhere I’m looking now …surrounded by your embrace

into the abyss

Finally, after, like, ten days of holidays, I have a full day at home. Not even going to step outside the house. Just going to sit here and do nothing. Oh, such is the life!

I only got up at, like, 12pm today. It’s weird to think about it, but, even though we’re getting well into evening now, I’ve only been awake for about six hours. Six hours isn’t that much, really. And, to think about it, I haven’t really done much in the six hours that I’ve been awake today.

Have mostly just been concerned about finding a placement site for next semester. I shall have to go apply at some places tomorrow. Spent quite some time today doing up my CV. Would have gone around to some pharmacies today, but I figured, seeing as it was late afternoon by the time I finished with my CV, it’d be better to wait until tomorrow morning. Will have to get up bright and early tomorrow, and head out first thing in the morning.

It’s a shame they didn’t pick places for us like they did last year. In the end, I didn’t mind having to travel over five zones to get to my placement site. It’s quite nice out there, anyway. I suppose some proximity to home would have been nice, though. If there’s one thing I know from these last six or so months, it’s that time is limited.

I don’t suppose anyone needs reminding that results come out this week. I don’t think I’m particularly looking forward to getting results, but I’m not that apprehensive either. I’d like to know what I got and how I went, but I don’t think I’ll be staying up on Tuesday night just for that. Remembering that, at the end of last year, I stayed up refreshing sinet over and over to no avail (I gave up after about half an hour or an hour, if I remember correctly) isn’t exactly that encouraging of staying up again this time.

Anyway, back to the point, which is, of course, nothingness. Before holidays started, I think I anticipated a lot of nothingness. I mean, winter holidays are four weeks. There isn’t really that much that needs doing. Logically, that would mean a fair amount of time left over for doing nothing. But, after ten days of holidays, I have realised that a fair bit of that nothing time is used to think of things to do get rid of.. nothing time.

Such a shame that nothing kills nothing. But, being people – being human – we have dreams and aspirations and desires. It is hardly possible to block these things out completely. We always want something else, and, of what we already have, we want more or better. If you crave that feeling of accomplishment and achievement, then nothing is something that must be avoided or otherwise overcome.

…unless, of course, if nothing is what you want to accomplish. It may be argued, even, that it is just as hard to accomplish nothing as it is to accomplish something. (This reminds me of how people say it’s just as hard, if not harder, to get an OP25 than to get an OP1.) So, really, those who do absolutely nothing these holidays and can feel satisfied with that – those people are just as admirable as those who fill their days with constant activity, and shudder at the thought of nothingness.

But, as for myself, I believe in having things in moderation. Well, some things, anyway. Like, some things you should only have now and then. But, then again, I thought I’d long since done away with that word – "should". It is one thing to know what one should do, and another to be able to act on it. After all, "should" and "want" do not always agree. We should have things – including nothingness – in moderation, but we may very well want more or less than whatever is meant by "moderation".

If we say that we live in a free country, then to live within the confines of "should" and "moderation" and words of the like could hardly qualify as living at all. We would be merely existing. Sure, we need some restraints – of the moral and legal variety – but we are told that we have freedom, so that is what we ought to have.

I’m going to stop now before I start some sort of revolt. My plan was to do a great deal of nothing, and leading a revolution just does not quite seem to fit into that plan. On a different matter: I think I should be surprised if I ever write a blog entry with clear direction, and one in which I do not go off on tangents and ramble on. Effort in that respect does not seem to be something I’m willing to expend.

wandering nights

I am so sleep deprived. Depending on how you look at it, the fact that it is holidays can make that either very weird or very expected. Weird in the sense that because it’s holidays, I should be able to sleep all I want to. But then expected in the sense that because it’s holidays, and there’s just so much to do, there simply isn’t enough time for sleep. Sleep is very important, though. I keep telling myself and everyone else that. I should reprioritise everything such that I have more time dedicated to sleep.

Today is only the fifth day since my last exam, but have already done so much. Am so tired already. Have already had two nights of very minimal sleep (as in, like, a few hours max). Really need to do nothing for most of the rest of these holidays. Of course, by "nothing" I really mean sleep. But then it would seem such a waste to spend so much time sleeping when I could be awake and doing stuff. I think I’d much rather be awake doing exactly nothing than asleep and not really doing anything.

I actually just got home a while ago. Don’t know why I’m writing this instead of sleeping. Probably because I have something against sleeping during the day. I could just as easily stay awake and wait until after dinner to go to sleep. That works, too. After all, I’m not that tired, really. My eyes just feel like they’d rather be closed than open right now. I’m still totally awake.

Well, ok, maybe not as awake as I could be. I just nodded off for a while there. Ok, fine. I’m going to take a nap. This would make this entry sort of pointless because it’s just four small paragraphs about how sleep deprived I am so far in these holidays.

Actually, no, I don’t think I’ll take that nap. I’m starting to feel more awake already. I have food now. I know I could cut out all this back and forth mind changing and get more to the point, but I think it nicely reflects my alleged recently-developed tendency to ramble on and on, and just keep talking. Supposedly, I talk more now.

I think I just talk more when I’m sleep deprived and going slightly insane. That’s why I reckon I’d be a happy, talkative drunk. When you’re sleep deprived, mental capacity is supposed to be equivalent to being drunk. Of course, the talkativeness also depends on circumstance and who I’m with. We do not need to find out exactly how accurate my prediction about my possible drunken demeanour will be, though. I’m fine with not knowing, and fine with no one else knowing.

To be honest, I think the real point of this entry is just so that I have more than one entry published for the month of June 2009. Not that this is just here to take up space, and waste your time because there’s nothing important in this entry. I didn’t tell you to read this, anyway. I take no responsibility for whatever loss you experience from reading this – whether it be time, interest, wakefulness or otherwise. You might say it’s a bit late to be putting the disclaimer seven paragraphs in, but that’s just too bad.

Seems I’m feeling quite awake now, actually. Possibly a combination of food and talking to people on msn that’s keeping me awake right now. Just writing this before wasn’t doing much for my wakefulness. I like writing though. It’s totally fun. Maybe that’s another point of this entry – to allow myself to write stuff, and also so I have more than one entry for June ’09.

Seriously, though, it doesn’t seem like this is going anywhere. Just doesn’t feel like there’s anything in particular that needs to be noted down here or reported via this medium. Last night / this morning was fun, though. Hardly any sleep at all. Not quite thoroughly exhausted, but will probably need the rest of the week to recover fully. Yes, I’m not giving more than vague details here. But I suppose I shall express thanks to Tim for letting us crash at his place. He’s a good chap. (I don’t know why I used those words in particular. They just sort of came to me, and I typed them out, and now there they are.)

Time to go off and do normal, mindless holidays-type activities. Too much stimulation and exhaustion lately. Need to do something more nothing-orientated. Proofreading is so tiresome, but of course everything in this entry makes sense. If it doesn’t make sense, maybe you just need to be in a more sleep deprived state to understand it.