so this is it

Well, I suppose I should probably do some sort of end-of-year wrap-up of sorts, seeing as there are only two more days left in the year. The main problem is where to begin. I was thinking I could just recap my favourite things from this year… so let’s just go with that for now.

Book: ‘The Name of the Wind’ – Patrick Rothfuss
Considering that I didn’t read that many books in 2012, there wasn’t much competition for this title. Regardless, this book was definitely a quality read. (NB: I might have chosen APF22 as my “best book of 2012” since it is so much better than the last edition, but I only counted fiction books that I read from start to end.)

Song: ‘We are Young’ – Fun. ft Janelle Monae
This was actually really hard to pick but I think with everything considered, this song deserves the spot. Very close runner ups include (but are not limited to) ‘Some Nights’ (Fun.), ‘Titanium’ (David Guetta ft Sia), ‘Lego House’ (Ed Sheeran), ‘Count on me’ (Bruno Mars) and ‘Call me maybe’ (Carly Rae Jepsen)

TV show: ‘YooHoo & Friends’ – ABC3
It’s a totally random concept, but I think it works. And I guess I should give an honourable mention to ‘Breaking Bad’ which I only started watching this year, but has turned out to be quite a good show.

Ok, can’t be bothered thinking of more things/categories. Was thinking about naming a favourite movie for 2012, but can’t really remember all the movies I’ve seen this year… ‘Looper’ was pretty good, though. And I quite liked ‘Ruby Sparks’ and ‘The perks of being a wallflower’.

In terms of highlights for this year, I definitely have to include passing my intern exams and becoming a registered pharmacist. But, surprisingly, despite it sometimes feeling a bit neglected, I don’t think my social life has suffered that much. So, I guess, all round, it’s been a pretty good year. Still, we’ll have to make 2013 even better.


thoughts on time travel

Watched ‘Looper’ today (finally).

Still don’t think time travel will be possible, though. Really don’t think telekinesis is possible either. Would be cool, yeah, but not physically possible.

However, I did agree with the one-way nature of time travel in the sense that if you go to the past, you can’t get back to the “present”, since the machine didn’t go with you. I know there are shows/movies where the machine does go with you, but they don’t seem as plausible to me somehow…

Also agree with making it illegal, since things could get really stuffed up if it was available for anyone to use.

Still maintain that the most plausible time travel story is ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’, although not completely convinced about how a gene abnormality could cause someone to spontaneously time travel. But it makes sense in terms of the lack of control, not being able to alter the course of events (so there’s only one path/course) and not taking anything with you when you time travel (no clothes, possessions, etc).

But, in regard to that last point, what if, for example, you had a kidney transplant or knee replacement or even a filling – would that “foreign object” time travel with you? Can’t remember if this was addressed in the book/movie but just thought of it now while writing about it.

But, yeah, ‘Looper’ was a good movie. That kid was pretty scary, though.

not in this notebook

I really need to finish my health promotion report… and do my tax return… and submit some more reflections… and read the pre-workshop material… and study for the oral exam…

But because it’s Friday night, I decided not to do any of those things and watched a movie instead.

I was talking to work friends a couple of weeks back about movies, and I mentioned that I have never watched a movie that has made me cry. Maybe I’ve come close a few times, but nothing that really qualifies (or that I can recall easily). One suggestion for a tear jerker was ‘The Notebook’ –  something that has been recommended by others for this purpose as well.

So, anyway, I watched it tonight (instead of doing the multitude of other things that I should be doing because I believe that you should be allowed to slack off on Friday nights without feeling guilty – not that any other day of the week is necessarily associated with any more guilt) and guess what? No tears.

Yeah, it’s a beautiful story and it’s really sweet and all… but maybe I just wasn’t in an emotional enough state to produce the tears that the movie is renowned for.

Watching it, I sort of got the feeling that I’d seen it before – at least the first half-ish – but I can’t remember where or when I watched it. I think I might be confusing it with other movies.

One of the scenes I don’t get in ‘The Notebook’ is when she goes back to him and she’s standing next to her car, holding her suitcases and looking up at him standing on the verandah… And then in the next shot, he’s downstairs and bursting through the front door, but she’s still next to her car and has only just dropped her bags to run to him.

But other than that, I quite liked it. I liked that there were some humourous parts and there were some medical elements, too. I might have to read the book some time.

Meanwhile, it looks like the search continues for a cry-worthy movie…

big picture

We finally got some rain today, a day when I’m at home the whole time. Just my luck, ey?

Nothing quite like rainy days at home with a good book or movie (or both – it’s a whole day, after all) and the hum of rain and traffic in the background. Sure, I would’ve liked to have gone for a walk this afternoon, but this alternative is ok, too.

Watched ‘Juno’ today because I’d never seen it before, so I sort of just randomly decided that I felt like watching it today. I think it’s the sort of film that most people will either hate or love – not really something you’d watch and just be like “meh, it was ok”. And, yeah, I liked it. Thought it was good. Don’t like that Mark guy, though, or whatever his name was.

Watched ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ on SBS1 last night. It wasn’t a bad movie, but it seemed kind of pointless. Nothing really changed in any of the characters – some distance was covered, but in the end there’s no displacement (one of the most useful physics concepts I ever learnt).

I don’t think I’ve watched a movie at the cinemas since November last year (someone correct me if I’m mistaken). Would like to go out for a movie, but since I’m working lates this week (8pm finish counts as the late shift where I work), looks like that’s not going to happen for a while…

precious days

Just over a week of holidays left. How sad. Still so much to do, and so much nothing-ness to fit in, too. If I’m counting correctly, I’ve only stayed at home for the entire day four times so far these holidays. Of course, sometimes I "go out" and don’t really do anything at all, but, as has been defined by others, if you set foot outside the house, then you’re "going out".

(If you want to be pedantic about semantics, you would say that stepping outside your house and into your backyard would then count as "going out" when, of course, realistically, it hardly qualifies. But, because it is holidays, and we should not look so far into these sort of things, we are going to ignore that. Please do not get pedantic about semantics here. I have not the time to debate trivial matters.)

I have watched six movies in three weeks of holidays. I’d say that’s quite above my average, but I’m not sure what my average is exactly, so I won’t make unsupported claims here. Don’t know if I want to single out a favourite of the six, but I suppose ‘Ice Age 3’ was pretty funny. ‘The Proposal’ was also quite funny, and quite sweet, too.

Yes, I did watch ‘Hannah Montana’. And, no, it was not unbearable or lame or whatever. But I did see some parallels between the movie and the episode of ‘Hannah Montana’ this morning. I would discuss further, but I highly doubt that anyone reading this has watched both, so it would hardly be worth my time. (Yes, time is so precious now.)

The other three I’ve watched are (in chronological order): ‘Year One’, ‘Bruno’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’. I would expect that enough people have seen those and talked about it to not require me to give further comment here. Yes, I am being quite lazy by not bothering to include more of my opinion and whatever, but I’m tired, and it’s good that I’m even bothering to write anything at all. Not that I don’t like blogging, but I just keep thinking of all this other stuff I could be doing now (sleep included).

I had actually intended to type up some of my notes from last semester. And I am glad to say that I have actually typed up some notes. However, it does fall a bit short of the amount I had aimed to accomplish. But, no matter. There is still time, and there is still intention to type up more notes.

Of course, because I’ve been "going out" so much these holidays, I’ve been eating out a lot, too. And, as that essentially means that meals are my own responsibility, they have been rather inconsistent and sugar-biased. (I’m not totally sure it’s correct to use "biased" in that context, but it just seemed to fit, and I can’t think of a better word at the moment.)

I’ve had so much sugar. It doesn’t help that sugar, in all its many forms and guises, is so tempting – ice-cream, cupcakes, milkshakes, waffles, cakes, tarts, pies, coffee, chocolate, biscuits, cereal, pastries, donuts – the list goes on and on. Of course, my salt and oil and whatever else intake can’t have been so great either. But how can one refuse something that’s just asking to be eaten? I’ve been eating at places I’ve never eaten at before, though – broadening my culinary experiences.

I’m too tired to write more now. Sleep deprived even in the holidays. Now, that is not quite right. But it is not completely wrong either. There is simply too much to do. A little sleep can be sacrificed here and there.