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Thermodynamics was not something I expected to think much about after high school, but as I grasped my coffee cup with both hands while going up the stairs at work, I found myself thinking about thermodynamics and the transfer of heat, and about how wonderful it is that these concepts exist and have been explained.

It suddenly got very cold here around the middle of the week. On Wednesday when I left work, my watch told me that it was 18 degrees (Celsius) outside. I was surprised and thought it must be a mistake. But when I got outside, I felt like it was about 10 degrees, the air was so icy cold.

So on Thursday morning, I got a coffee from the cafe a few floors down from my workplace. They have a tendency of making the coffee quite hot (or a friend suggested I might just have a sensitive mouth that cannot handle high temperatures), but that morning I was grateful for the extra hot coffee, as I could allow the heat to warm my cold hands.

As I walked back up the stairs, I thought about the idea of heat energy, and of the movement of molecules caused by this energy. I thought most of all about how heat always goes from a warmer object to a cooler object, and about the concept of specific heat capacity, which explains why different materials absorb or lose heat at different rates.

And I thought about my high school chemistry/physics teacher, and about that semester of learning thermodynamics, and how most teenagers who don’t intend to pursue science or engineering careers probably think it’s all pointless. But how positively wonderful is it to be able to experience these phenomena — like the phenomena of heat transfer — and be able to know why and how it happens?

6 thoughts on “hot topics

  1. Great thoughts. The idea of the hotter object passing its heat to the cooler object to warm it seems like an example of love. Good energy lifting up someone who needs it. I studied literature in college, not science, so I can find a story in almost anything. 😉

    • I seem to have gone the other way with history. In high school I was really fascinated by it, and wanted to know about all these obscure historical events. But now, knowing some basic details is as far as I go. Perhaps a good documentary will fix that…

  2. One of my aunts once remarked “I don’t know why anybody studies space or astronomy, or astrophysics or anything like that – it’s all useless”. I was so flabberghasted I couldn’t think of a response at the time. Of course now I would say “back to a 1950s weather forecast for you then – say goodbye to your internet connection too. And computers smaller than rooms. And GPS. And your non-stick frying pan.” (I could of course go on for some time with this list of things, but at that very moment, I couldn’t think of a single thing lol)

    • Haha it’s a shame you didn’t think of that response at the time!
      It’s really amazing how science has progressed so much over time, yet how little most people understand it!

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