patches and bandages

We’ve had a lot of rainy days and rainy weeks this year, and I’ve discovered that it doesn’t take much for everyone to get sick of rainy weather. It must be something about the gloomy grey, and the fact that everything is always wet, and nothing really dries properly because there’s so much moisture in the air.

Of course, it’s all the more wonderful when the clouds disperse and the sun reappears. Oh, we can do laundry again! And our towels will be dry before we use them again!

I took advantage of the good weather to cycle to work yesterday. I made it to work in what I believe to be record time, averaging almost 21km/h. I felt good the whole day, right up until I cut my thumb in the afternoon while trying to cut up some boxes. (It sure is hard trying to keep an injured thumb inactive, especially if it’s on your dominant hand.) It was at about this time that I seriously questioned my decision to not have coffee that day.

The cheery blue skies were all dark by the time I left work that evening, but I doubt they could have cheered me up after I discovered that the front wheel of my bicycle was flat. It seemed like I must have punctured it somehow in the morning, and this left me quite deflated too.

But it seems that despondency is no match for pizza and beers with good company, not to mention a good night’s sleep.

No profound philosophical ponderings here. Sometimes the answers are more simple.

The sunshine and blue skies are persisting today, and maybe that helps too.

I had a coffee this morning despite not having work today, but I think I’m past the point of needing reasons for having coffee. After yesterday’s mishap, I don’t want to take any chances (although I think yesterday’s mishap was more a result of being distracted and agitated by the disorder of the workplace than it was the fault of not having coffee).

Overall it wasn’t a bad day, nor a bad week, but it can be hard to not let a few incidents spoil things. But as I left the train station in the evening, and walked my bike back home, I tried to remind myself of what I learnt from Marcus Aurelius: all problems have happened before, and will happen again, and there is nothing new in any of this.

I thought of the cyclist I once saw by the side of the footpath, trying to inflate her bicycle tyre using a small hand-pump. She was kitted out like a pro, but even her bike was not immune to flat tyres. And why would there be bicycle repair kits if no one ever got wheel damage? (And bandages for humans if no one ever got cuts on their fingers?)

Admittedly, these meditations did less to cheer me up than the beer and pizza but, hey, I tried.

Anyway, I’ll fix my bike some other day. Right now, my thumb is on the mend, and I think I’ll try to keep it well-rested this week-end.

4 thoughts on “patches and bandages

  1. Your effort(s) to put things in perspective are (always) admirable. It can be hard though, not to take problems *personally* sometimes. There was a long-ish period in my life when I began to feel like a BLACK CLOUD was following me around, one bad thing after another. It eventually “lifted” but I still can’t account for why it felt that way or why it stopped. Rewards, building them in to your life (company, beer & pizza as one), remind you – or me anyway – what the point of it all is. There must be compensation!

    • Haha compensation, indeed!
      Black Cloud Syndrome sure is hard to shake off. It is bizarre, sometimes, to come out the other side and wonder how you managed to travel through the darkness.

  2. There is nothing new in any of this, might be the real meaning of life. You and Marcus are onto something with that idea. I’m sorry you cut your thumb, glad you had pizza & beer with friends, and agree that there need not be a specific reason for drinking coffee. All is has it should be. Happy weekend.

    • Thanks Ally 🙂
      I think the thought that “nothing is new” really helps me stay composed when confronted with problems.
      Hope you had a good weekend too!

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