walk together

A friend of mine shared an infographic on Instagram a while ago. It illustrated the difference between fixed and growth mindsets with regards to race issues. Instead of just thinking that you don’t know what to do, or that you won’t make a difference, or that you simply don’t have time to get involved (all fixed mindset thinking), it encourages people to seek new information, learn about how to help, and have the courage to take part in something that has far-reaching implications (growth mindset).

It’s easy to think that a singular person cannot have much impact on greater issues, but if every person thought that, nothing would happen, nothing would change, and nothing would improve.

As someone who attended their first protest last month — for Black Lives Matter — it really reinforced this notion of “yes, I’m just one person, but together we can be a force to be reckoned with”. It was incredible to stand amongst so many others, all assembled for the same reason.

And yet, the realist in me keeps wondering what will be the true outcome of this — will there be lasting change, or will people just settle back into “normal life”, and grumble about other things?

The same friend who posted the infographic has also been sharing resources for how to support the cause further, how to support indigenous Australians, and how to just be a better human. I’ll admit it’s a lot to keep up with, and I haven’t read everything she shared, but every step in the right direction — no matter how small — equates to progress, and it’s further than I’d gone before.


4 thoughts on “walk together

  1. When I wonder if things can get better, I think about the changes that have already happened (over decades) and it encourages me. (I apply this to a variety of social changes.)

    In my childhood I never knew of black lawyers, doctors, dentists, and certainly not a black president. It’s hard to see progress when you’re living in the middle of it; it shows up more clearly when looking back. Just a thought.

    • Yes, exposure to different perspectives does make a difference. Our younger selves probably could not have foreseen the state of the world now.

      There’s always more learning to do, I think!

  2. I’m hoping for lasting change, but I’m enough of a realist living in a conservative area of the country to know many people will do all they can to not change, to not accept, to continue to be hateful. Still the BLM movement has brought some awareness so that is good… for now.

    • Yes, it really boggles the mind that there are people so stubborn against change, who refuse to reconsider their thoughts and actions, and would rather stay as they are instead of helping to make the world better for their fellow humans.

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