clear vision

Today I got my first pair of prescription glasses. Apparently I am a little bit short-sighted.

Well, I’ve kind of known for a while, but I’ve just been avoiding seeing an optometrist. No real reason why — just that I was once told to put off getting glasses for as long as possible because once you get them, you kind of rely on them, and your vision will slowly get worse and worse, and you will be more and more dependent on glasses. (The friend who said this to me doesn’t really like having to wear glasses, and was probably being a little bit dramatic, but these things stick with me!)

Anyway, it wasn’t that I had that much trouble with seeing that it affected my life to any significant degree. I just started noticing that it was a bit harder to read street signs and see things far away.

This was last year.

I’ve been pretty good at putting this off.

I think part of me was hoping that if I just kept putting it off, and kept trying to take better care of my eyes, then it would all be ok, and I’d never need glasses.

How wrong I was…

I was just relieved when the optometrist told me that my eyesight isn’t actually that bad. He suggested I only need to wear my new glasses when I watch a movie at a cinema (whenever they open again), or go to a concert (whenever they allow audiences at concerts and events again), or maybe while driving at night (actually more of a thing, as it’s just about winter now, and our daylight hours have shortened quite a bit).

By way of small talk while I was there, I asked the optometrist if he thought there would be an increase in people needing glasses due to everyone spending a lot of time at home in front of screens of various kinds. He said it was possible, but lately he’d just been seeing a lot of people with dry eyes. Very dry eyes.

To anyone reading this: I hope you’ve been taking care of your eyes, and blinking often and regularly!

When I was younger, I was quite proud of my good eyesight (probably because my mum (who wears glasses) always praised me for being able to see fine details in things). Even on my own, I’d marvel at being able to see the intricate veins of a leaf, or the individual fibres in a sheet of paper, or the wispy edges of clouds — all with my own eyes, unaided by any instrument.

Needing glasses is not such a big deal, I guess — it was probably inevitable, no matter what I did — but it’s a good reminder that my eyes are not invincible, and they need as much care as the rest of me if I want to preserve my good vision.


4 thoughts on “clear vision

  1. As a person who has worn eyeglasses since I was 5 years old, allow me to welcome you to the team. They are wonderful, a miracle. FWIW my vision has gotten better over the years, so I don’t know about the advice you received. Anyhoo, rock on my spectacled friend.

  2. And maybe no part of us is invincible and *everything* needs attention? But these reminders aren’t fun and there’s a certain comfort in putting things off or not rushing to identify a (new) problem. Just thoughts.

    • Very true! Unfortunately sometimes the more we put these things off, the worse they get. I’m glad this has been taken care of at least. Now onto the next ailment…

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