what now?

I’ve been avoiding this, but I think it is inevitable that I would write a post about the current pandemic situation. Almost every blogger I follow who is actively posting on a regular basis seems to have written about it or at least mentioned it in passing. And even some who have been inactive for a while have re-emerged to write about it. (Perhaps for something to do during lockdown? Perhaps to help process it all?)

Anyway, I’d been avoiding writing anything about it because there’s so much material circulating. People keep sharing articles and videos and whatnot on social media, and it’s rare to enter into a conversation with someone without the pandemic also entering the conversation.

But I suppose that’s just how it is. I don’t resent that people are talking about it so much. I only lament that it is, indeed, happening.

I think it’s incredible that things can change so quickly. At least, they seem to have changed very quickly. At the end of February, I went interstate to meet my then barely four-week old niece, and to spend time with family. At that time, the virus (and news of it) was spreading, but life was more or less “normal”. I was away from home for three weeks, and the situation evolved so much over that time that I felt like I was returning to a completely new world.

I don’t want to add much more to this because I feel like there’s not much more to say on the matter that hasn’t already been said. I suppose I really only wanted to write about this in order to mark this point in history on my blog, separating pre- and post-pandemic times.

8 thoughts on “what now?

  1. I’ve mentioned this virus in passing, but I’m not going to devote my blog to discussing it. I’m finding that many bloggers are suddenly very wordy, while I’m the opposite. I just want to be a blogging social butterfly, leaving comments around the blogosphere that I hope make other people feel less alone. We all cope in our own ways. Stay safe, be well.

    • Yeah, the amount of discussion going on does make me more taciturn on the subject. But all the same, I appreciate the need to talk about it, and it’s good that we are talking. Connecting through the blogosphere certainly is a good way to feel less alone in all this! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    • Thanks, I appreciate that. You are someone whose thoughts I value too. Unfortunately, due to being quite overwhelmed by the constant deluge of news, I’ve distanced myself from various media, and now feel less informed and hence less qualified to weigh in on this. Mostly I just ask for updates from people I trust

      • I know. I feel compelled to stay informed in case I should be doing something differently but the constant news is very stressful. SoI took a long break yesterday and when I watched the news in the evening I felt like I was being newly horrified and shocked.

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