sour summer

The weather is warming up nicely here. I’m not sure why I say “nicely” because I’m not really looking forward to summer.

But one good thing about the warmer weather is drinking sour beers. I’ve been told they’re generally a summer thing because they tend to be really refreshing. 

I keep telling people who don’t like beer that they just need to find the right beer. These people generally have only ever tried mainstream beer, and have one (bad) impression of the beverage.

For example, I have a friend who prefers cider, and said she doesn’t like beer, but I’m slowly converting her to sour beers because they aren’t too far from cider. She didn’t even know sour beers existed, but she’s liked the ones I’ve gotten for her so far.

From my experience, sour beers tend to be quite fruity as well. Two that I’ve tried recently that I really liked were from Brouhaha: one was a watermelon and lime sour, and the other was strawberry and rhubarb. Sounds pretty good, right? They taste even better!

Of course, not everyone’s going to like sour beers. Another friend who already drinks “normal” beer thinks sours are a bit much. She doesn’t like the fruitiness and, well, the sourness. Her husband, however, likes them because there’s such a broad range, and so much potential for new flavours.

But it took me a while to like sour beers too, so maybe it’s an acquired taste. I don’t think that it was that bad to start with, but it just took me a while to find ones that I liked. It helps having a friend who likes sour beers, and also lets me try a bit of her drinks.

Having said all this, I don’t really care what my friends drink (or if they drink at all) as long as we can still hang out, eat good food and chat. As I said to another friend, a lot of craft beer bars implicitly acknowledge that beery people always have at least one friend who doesn’t like beer, so there’s usually a cider on tap too. 

4 thoughts on “sour summer

    • Haha I don’t think a shandy counts as a sour beer, but it’s kinda halfway there, I guess.
      I like a good porter too! Dragon’s Milk sounds devilishly delicious!

  1. I don’t like pale ale. I’ve tried. I just do not see the draw. For years I thought this meant I didn’t like beer at all, and then I worked out I love dark beers. Black ale, stout, porter. All of that stuff. But all of that is better in cooler months, so in summer I tend to pick wheat beer. I haven’t tried sour beer. Perhaps this summer I will.

    • Pale ales tend to be almost boring to me after having had such a variety of other beers, so I’m thinking it’s not a great starting point. A lot of people who don’t like “normal” beer do like dark beers, which also have an amazing variety. My favourite dark beer I’ve tried recently was a chocolate fudge porter. It was practically like drinking alcoholic chocolate sauce XD
      I’d be interested in knowing what you think of sour beers!

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