poetry in every day

I’ve been feeling like I want to get back into writing again, and I’ve had this itch for a while now. And by “get back into writing” I mean proper creative writing. I know blogging technically counts as writing, and I suppose there’s some element of creativity, since you are creating something, but I think I really want to write stories again.

The problem is I don’t know what to write about. My last serious attempt at writing a decent-length story started getting rather depressing, so I ditched it. (I couldn’t really handle churning through so much emotion, and I wasn’t sure how to pull the whole thing from the depths of misery it was drowning in.)

Since then, feeling like I don’t have the mental stamina to write another novel-length story (even if I had the time to dedicate to it), I contemplated writing short stories. I actually started writing a couple of short stories this year, but I didn’t really know where they were going, and they were veering too much toward melodrama for my liking …so I ditched them too.

So, instead, I wrote this random poem-like passage on the week-end:

Long stalks of grass,
Trembling and quivering,
Excitedly, frantically, expectantly.
Amongst them, a solitary pigeon,
Moving slowly, grazing,
Calm, unperturbed, oblivious.
A car speeds down the street.
Two women walk briskly past.
The window remains closed.
Raindrops drying on its pane,
Sunlight refracted through its glass
Onto a face gazing out.
A voice asking, “why?”
A world, all at once, too still
And full of too much motion.
How much longer, the voice wonders,
Until peace returns again.

I actually wrote it reasonably quickly, taking inspiration from a line in one of the half-started short stories. I was quite pleased because I’d been sitting at my desk/dining table for ages, notebook open but not really doing anything productive, and then it suddenly occurred to me that I could try writing poetry.

Then, when I came on WordPress to write this post, I thought I’d check out my Reader, which I haven’t looked at for a week. By some spooky coincidence, there was a TED article about writing daily haiku: https://ideas.ted.com/i-wrote-a-haiku-every-day-for-a-week-heres-what-i-learned/

I read the article, and watched the talk at the end, and now I’m wondering if I could try writing daily haiku too (or senryu, if you want to get technical about it; there’s a note at the bottom of the article about the distinction between the two). According to Daryl Chen, the author of the article, writing daily haiku has many benefits, like improving creativity, increasing gratitude, and seeing more dogs on the subway.

I think I will give it a go (even if I don’t get to see more dogs on the subway due to absence of subway), but probably won’t post them here daily (to spare my small legion of followers from spam, and also because it would be easier for me to just jot them down in a notebook or something). If all goes well, I might do weekly progress posts or something. Hopefully this gives some inspiration for my story-writing, but if not, maybe I’ll write more poetry.

Thirty-one haiku,
One for each day in July.
Who wants to join me?

(NB: I’m not making this into a blogging challenge, and don’t know if one already exists. Feel free to do what you will with it, including nothing at all.)

3 thoughts on “poetry in every day

  1. Want to write stories?
    Julie of Story A Day
    Can help you with that.

    Srsly, storyaday.org is a great creativity boost!

    Love your poem, love your self-challenge. HUGS

    • Thank-you Marian!
      Hope I find inspiration
      When I find Julie!

      Haha I’m impressed with your haiku comment 😀 I’ll check out storyaday.org. Thanks again! *hugs back*

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