cut footloose

We had our workplace Christmas party on Friday, and I’m sure people will still be talking about it come Monday morning, so to get the week off to a cheery start, I just wanted to share a fun memory from the night.

Coming to the Christmas party, I was quite excited to talk to a number of staff from other stores who I don’t get to see very often, or that I hadn’t even met yet, and also to meet and chat with the partners of my esteemed colleagues. Yes, I’m that person who goes around talking to everyone, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Quite early on in the night, I met a pharmacy assistant from one of our south-side pharmacies, and I chatted to her and her partner for a fair bit throughout the night. I’d never met her before – never even talked on the phone or exchanged emails – but she and her partner were both really lovely, and I’m glad I had the chance to meet them.

When it got a bit late, and they were preparing to go home, she came to find me to say good-bye. Full disclosure, I was pretty buzzed at this stage (feeding off the energy in the room as well as the food and alcohol circulating around), and, on a whim, I asked if they’d stay for a dance since I hadn’t seen them on the dance floor yet. As luck would have it, Footloose had just come on – an excellent song for anyone to dance to, but also one I was pretty confident they would know.

Besides, it was her first Christmas party with the group, and I playfully insisted that she needed to have at least one dance before going home. I expected to meet some resistance, but they actually both assented without needing too much encouragement. She actually also managed to get one of her pharmacists and her partner on the dance floor too.

One of the pharmacy assistants I work with happened to be nearby, and was more than happy to join us on our little square of dance floor. I love having a good dance, and the song and dance was great, but what really topped it off for me was seeing how much they all enjoyed it. And I was so chuffed I was the one who got them on the dance floor.

At the end of the song, we said our farewells, and it was one of the highlights of my night to be able to send them off with big smiles on their faces.

So on this Monday morning, if you want to lose your blues, maybe it’s time to cut footloose.


4 thoughts on “cut footloose

  1. I love your story, even if I’m reading it on Tuesday morning. It’s wonderful to read about a holiday office party that didn’t end in tears and recriminations and a big old mess. Good on you for getting people to dance.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Ally! I think I like to encourage people to dance because I used to be shy about getting on the dance floor too. But since I’ve gotten past that, I know it’s great fun!

  2. I think the Kevin Bacon character in FOOTLOOSE would be proud of all of you! I love that song, and I love watching videos of it. I especially love the video of the police department lip-sync challenge of it. Nobody could help smiling after hearing Footloose, let alone dancing to it. Ah, if only I could dance! lol

    • Haha it is an excellent feel-good song, isn’t it?

      I believe everyone can dance. Whether or not you have rhythm is a different matter, but I don’t think that’s important if you’re having a good time 😉

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