more lessons from the garden

Back in October, I wrote about some tomato plants I had, and how good they were for making analogies for life lessons. In the intervening time, I’ve eaten plenty of cherry tomatoes, and given many away, but must now sadly report that the tomato plants are almost all wiped out. Well, I was sad and distressed at first, but I think I’ve come to terms with it now.

I think it started to go downhill when I went away for a week to attend a cousin’s wedding interstate. There was a fair bit of rain forecast for that week, so I wasn’t too worried. Besides, I knew my uncle would pop by now and then to check up on everything. When I returned, however, I could tell the plants were struggling: they weren’t as green and leafy as when I left, and there weren’t many viable tomatoes on the vines. Continue reading


Thursday Doors recap

Yes, I know it’s Saturday afternoon here, but the Thursday Doors Blue Frog is still accepting links for another ten hours or so. Plus, it feels like it’s been such a long time since I did a TD post, I didn’t want to miss the last one of 2018!

For this end-of-year recap, I thought I’d re-share three favourites from previous posts, and post three doors that I found this year but never got around to creating blog posts for. I’ve returned to being more of a spectator for TD this year, but if time permits, I’ll be playing along again next year (I certainly have enough photos for it!) Continue reading


This will not be what kills me.

That’s what I told myself last week, quite possibly after a coughing fit, when I was at the worst of this illness. I’m not 100% sure what I’ve got, but I’m pretty sure it’s just some kind of viral chest infection. It’s been almost two weeks now.

It started with a sore throat, as these things usually do, and my first instinct was to blame it on one of the disinfectants I was using at work that day, as it’s a known irritant. I’m quite lucky in the sense that, despite being around sick people a lot, I don’t get sick very often, so when I got this sore throat, I didn’t think much of it. I had some oatmeal the next morning (it’s my go-to quick-fix for sore throats because it’s worked for me many times before) and carried on with my day. Continue reading

right is right (most of the time)

I have developed a habit of observing and scrutinising my thoughts and actions — in effect, I have made myself a subject of my own study, primarily for amusement and curiosity, but also with a view to self-improvement, as shown in previous posts, such as that one about counting stairs, and my more recent one about sleep. The observations contained herein are quite a non-event, and really affect nothing and no one, but perhaps someone, somewhere, can find some amusement in it too.

I was actually talking with a colleague/friend about our respective propensities toward what some people might call OCD. My friend is known in the workplace as being quite particular about how things are; she even jokes about it herself. People who know both of us probably don’t think I’m quite as bad as she is, but I have realised I’m quite particular in other ways, and, after talking to this friend, even she thinks I’m rather odd. Continue reading